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TQPR Malaysia provides public relations counselling.

TQPR Malaysia

TQPR Malaysia’s Team

In Public Relations, one size DOES NOT fit all!  As ‘specialist generalists’, we look at the clients’ communications needs and objective and then offer the appropriate advice and services to achieve the results.  Our consulting professionals understand the operating environment in Malaysia.

We are in the results-getting business…to make things happen productively in a disciplined, structured and effective way, and we are proactive with feedback.

Public relations counselors typically provide these types of services:

  • Analysing issues and policies affecting stakeholders.
  • Identifying vulnerabilities that may threaten a good name.
  • Managing crisis communications.
  • Recommending ways to build positive reputations.
  • Working with clients to implement communications strategies and tactics to take advantage of opportunities or solve problems.
  • Developing training programs to facilitate the flow of information.
  • Evaluating communications programs and suggesting ways to improve future effectiveness.

The best time to consult with a public relations counselor is before a major business decision is made.  This can lead to extremely useful insights and prevent public relations problems from arising when such counsel is not considered in advance.