AJE’s ‘Vision 2030’ showcases affordable products for Thai consumers backed by sustainable initiatives supporting local communities

AJE’s ‘Vision 2030’ showcases affordable products for Thai consumers backed by sustainable initiatives supporting local communities

Company looks to build on its strong recent successes as it looks to make Thailand its Asian, doubling its business in Asia

Bangkok, 22 April 2022: AJE, a multinational company passionate about nature and health, today announced its future vision during the three-day ‘AJE Metaverse: The Leap to Vision 2030’ event, highlighting its latest milestones and long-term commitment to Thailand.

Known in Thailand as the manufacturer of leading soft drink brand BIG, the 4th largest brand in the world in terms of volume and value[1], AJE is now poised to expand nationally and regionally into new consumer product categories with Thailand as its Asian hub of operations, while ramping up its local sustainability initiatives.

Mr. Fabian Mosquera, Country Manage for AJE ASEAN said, “AJE continues to grow using its extensive distribution network and ‘affordability’ concept. The company is now ready to move beyond beverages to provide consumers in Thailand with affordable, quality products across a diverse product portfolio.

“Today we are delighted to introduce AJE’s food brand, D’Gussto, with a premium canned Saba in tomato sauce. Thailand’s canned fish market has the opportunity for further growth, and we are looking at ways to excite consumers. That’s why we launched D’Gussto canned Saba as it is the only premium Saba in tomato sauce product on offer that is competitively priced, when compared to canned sardines or mackerel.”

D’Gussto, together with AJE’s healthy beverage AMAYU, a 100% natural super fruit juice created with coconut flowers sustainably produced by local Thai farmers, is part of the company’s ‘Better for You and Better for the Community’ concept.

With AMAYU, AJE works with local farmers in Baan Paew, Samut Sakhon to source the all-natural ingredients for the super fruit juice with no preservatives or sugar added. The company provides its professional research and development know how to ensure consistent output and income from all crops and a sustainable future for the community.

Existing brands in AJE’s portfolio include BIG carbonated drinks, BIG Tea, Vida water, Volt energy drink, Bio functional drink and Sporade isotonic. Currently Thailand serves as AJE’s hub for its Asian operations due the nation’s strategic location, distribution network and production capability and AJE intends to export products around Asia from Thailand. AJE has added more than 20 new product categories beyond the beverage sector in Latin America, and fully expects to double its business in Asia by 2030 using this expansion strategy.

As a multinational brand it will also continue to collaborate with other international brands to bring opportunities and excitement to Thai consumers. These include, among others, the latest collaboration with Paris Saint-Germain Football Club that will send selected Thai winners to see the world-famous football club and enjoy an authentic Paris experience.

Mr. Mosquera, added, “We are fully committed at AJE to follow our sustainability goals everywhere we operate, and we strongly believed that business and a healthy living space can coexist effectively. This vision is also relevant as a new way of protecting UNESCO World Heritage sites around the world of UNESCO. Our sustainability projects include those in Ayutthaya, Machu Pichu, the Galapagos Islands, and we will soon start another project in Borobudur, Indonesia.”

AJE is committed to offering a full range of affordable products Thailand while committing to the country long-term by supporting local economies and communities through sustainable initiatives. In addition to engaging local coconut farmers and communities in Bann Paew under its ‘Good Health and Wellbeing’ campaign, AJE also launched ‘AJE Protects Ayutthaya’ in December 2021 as part of the global Sustainable Cities and Communities campaign led by UNESCO’s Ayutthaya Historical Park protection plan.


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  1. Reported in 2019 by Global Data.


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