Amazon: 2021 Black Friday And Cyber Monday Was Record-Breaking, plus More Than Half of Sales were from Independent Selling Partners


Amazon: 2021 Black Friday And Cyber Monday Was Record-Breaking, plus More Than Half of Sales were from Independent Selling Partners

Bangkok – December 3, 2021 Amazon customers drove record-breaking sales from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Plus, more than half of sales from Black Friday through Cyber Monday were from independent selling partners, most of which are small and medium-sized businesses. Some of this year’s top selling categories from Black Friday and Cyber Monday included Home, Toys, and Apparel.

Since kicking-off the holiday season on October 4, Amazon has delivered billions of packages to customers around the world this holiday season. Thai sellers have reaped good results from this Black Friday through Cyber Monday.

“This year, we saw triple-digit growth for our business during the event period”, said George Hartel, the Chief Commercial Officer of School MaskPack (Supara Group). He indicated that Black Friday and Cyber Monday were huge annual events they cannot miss in the e-commerce world, providing a tremendous opportunity for them to grow sales with deals and promotions, as well as increase brand exposure to reach customers outside of Thailand before year-end. “We could not be more excited and look forward to the performance for the rest of the year and in 2022.” Said Geroge Hartel, CEO Supara Group.

Gem Sinhaseni, the founder of Vincita, said “BFCM is a great chance for us to be aggressive with our discounts and move stocks quickly in a few days. In addition to getting more sales for our best seller products, we also use this opportunity to promote and move our long standing inventory.”

Warakorn Wu, the General Manager of the Wichalek, indicated that this online BFCM Shopping spree really yielded a great impact on both sales and traffics to their product. “First time seeing highest % conversion to my Product Display Page and I think it is the right time to promote new products so that we can further leverage from this massive traffic.”

Nattikorn Phunyura, the founder of ARAMO AROMA, said “At the beginning I was concerned about entering as a new brand, but luckily I was informed about BFCM preparation by the AGS TH team about FBA inbound and promotion setting timelines. I followed the guidelines and participated in this campaign and I’m so surprised with the results. The sales generated in my first week of launch were higher than my expectations!”

For Urboni, Amazon’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021 was also a positive experience for Urboni. “Shoppers started to shop early this year as we experienced traffic and sales surges of approximately 50% from late Oct/ early Nov before reaching a peak to almost double last Friday. This is the best-selling period of the year for our brand!” said the founder of Urboni.

Prior to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Amazon provided support for sellers’ peak season preparations. For example, it ramped up capacity to receive 30-40% more units leading up to Black Friday. In Thailand, the Amazon Global Selling team also provided increased training related to preparation strategies and providing seller experience sharing opportunities to help sellers get ready for peak season.


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