Amazon helps Thai sellers go global during uncertain times with cross-border e-commerce

Amazon helps Thai sellers go global during uncertain times with cross-border e-commerce

Thai entrepreneurs prepare for the future with new business opportunities during COVID-19 that leverage online transformation to sell worldwide

Bangkok, Thailand October 25, 2021 – Amazon Global Selling is empowering Thai entrepreneurs like Pegasus Official by helping them identify new opportunities during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and leverage online transformation to go global.

Small and medium businesses are now challenged to overcome obstacles and find opportunities to turn their business around during uncertain times by keeping a close watch on future trends. The pandemic has amplified customer online shopping behavior and the world is quickly shifting to ecommerce. Many companies also feel an urgency to shift towards digital services and channels to mitigate the impact of the pandemic and enhance business resilience.

Kanseenee Sapchotikul, CEO of Pegasus Official, elevated her family business to the next level by shifting to cross-border e-commerce. She encourages other sellers to explore these opportunities to build a global business, leveraging innovative tools Amazon has developed to help sellers accelerate their own digital transformation.

“When COVID-19 hit, we realized the demand for our bags including luggage would be affected. After gleaning trends and insights from international customers, we identified the need for cloth masks on the global market. We were able to quickly pivot and started exporting masks to America and other countries around the world through Amazon,” Kanseenee, said.

With Amazon providing access to a global customer reach, Kanseenee seized the opportunity to maintain business steady growth. Her sales increased by over 300% in just six months. She expanded into beach and tote bags, forecasting that future revenue from Amazon would account for 50% of total turnover.

Since the start of the pandemic, Amazon Global Selling has played an important role in supporting Thai sellers like Kanseenee to go online. The local Amazon Global Selling team in Thailand has been an extended resource for her, giving her much support. She liked that she could communicate easily with them in Thai, and that the team shared useful tools that Amazon had, and how to apply them to her business.

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Thai sellers face increasing uncertainty including logistic and transportation disruptions. Pegasus Official also had to adapt in light of these uncertainties and disruptions and Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) provided them with the right solution.

“When orders dramatically increased, it was harder to export so we decided to send our products to Amazon Fulfillment Centers and use FBA, which was the right decision. FBA helps sellers store their products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers, and Amazon will pick, pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products. FBA helped us scale up our business and reach more customers,” Kanseenee added.

Recommendations for Thai entrepreneurs and SMEs – Many other companies also feel the urgency to shift towards digital services and channels to mitigate the impact of the pandemic and enhance business resilience. Cross-border e-commerce represents a global opportunity which can optimize processes and help sellers gain direct access to global customers. Amazon is also offering innovative programs and tools to help new sellers accelerate their digital transformation. Kanseenee whole heartedly recommends FBA as Prime members can enjoy the free delivery on eligible orders and Amazon’s customer service that comes with FBA.

Bernard Tay, Head of Amazon Global Selling in Southeast Asia, said, “Building brands and building a loyal customer base is key to long-term success on Amazon. Sellers should spend more effort on product innovation, and building their brands to win customers’ trust and resonate across global audiences. The advantage of cross-border e-commerce lies in the fact that it provides sellers with a more efficient model and the opportunity to directly access global customers and build international brands.”

Moving into the final quarter of 2021, Bernard recommended that sellers start laying the groundwork now to prepare for the future.

Sellers’ success is critical to Amazon and the company is committed to helping them navigate challenges and capture opportunities on the horizon.

Sellers can make better use of the development of cross-border e-commerce, focus on building their brands and win the trust of international customers with quality products.

Helping Thai sellers expand ‘Made-in-Thailand’ products to reach more international customers

This year, Amazon Global Selling continues to empower Thailand-based high-quality brand owners, manufacturers and traders, helping them accelerate their digital transformation and deliver more unique Thai brands and products for global customers.

Amazon takes being Earth’s most Customer-centric company seriously, aiming to offer low prices, vast selection, and fast delivery. And that’s why Amazon is willing to make our shelf space available in our online store to empower selling partners. We see this a great opportunity to better serve Customers. Amazon has spent lots of effort to connect businesses from all parts of the world to Amazon’s global customers. Since 2020, this mission became even more critical and Amazon strives to help sellers navigate unique challenges and to bring urgently needed products to Amazon’s global customers.


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