Amity Meets Global Demand for Social Features in Apps with AWS

Amity Meets Global Demand for Social Features in Apps with AWS

Amity, a fast growing technology platform that powers in-app social experiences, quickly innovates new services and supports more than 10 million monthly active users with AWS

BANGKOK—July 21, 2021—Today, Amazon Web Services (AWS), an company, announced that Thailand’s Amity is using AWS to transform itself into a comprehensive social engagement platform to drive the company’s expansion, which was accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, helping organizations increase user engagement and build digital communities. The company’s Amity Social Cloud allows companies to integrate social features into their own apps and websites with just a few lines of code, enabling Amity’s customers and their more than 10 million monthly active users to send billions of media-rich messages and social interactions each month. Built on AWS from its inception, Amity acquired Thai chatbot firm ConvoLab in 2020, migrating its offerings to the world’s leading cloud to accelerate innovation and rapidly scale new social platform services, including Amity Chat SDKs, Amity Social SDKs, and Amity Video SDKs. Using AWS’s unmatched portfolio of cloud services, including containers, database, and machine learning (ML), Amity enables hundreds of large enterprises and fast growing companies throughout Asia, Europe, and North America, including Air Asia, TrueID, Subway, and Unilever, to offer unique social experiences, build communities, boost customer engagement and retention, and unlock new monetization opportunities.

In the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, Amity experienced a five-fold spike in demand from companies that wanted to integrate social features like feeds, profiles, groups, chats, and video streaming into their apps and websites to better engage their customers, users, and employees. Using AWS, Amity easily pivoted the company’s business strategy to meet accelerating customer demand for a comprehensive portfolio of social features, employee engagement services, and ML-driven chatbots that intelligently engage users through multiple touchpoints, including through customer support and marketing campaigns. Amity rapidly scaled the company’s social platform on AWS to empower millions of new users globally to consume content, connect, and engage with each other seamlessly on their favorite apps and websites. The company also implemented a serverless architecture with AWS Lambda, which automatically scales up and down based on changes in usage. This means Amity pays only for what it uses, and its compute capacity automatically scales up when Amity customers launch a sales promotion or social media campaign. The serverless architecture enables Amity to focus engineering resources on developing new features rather than managing scaling. Additionally, Amity uses Amazon Personalize, an ML service that enables companies to create high accuracy real-time personalized user experiences faster at scale, to help its customers recommend unique offerings to consumers in real time.

“Being built on AWS gave us the agility to quickly transform Amity into a comprehensive social engagement platform that helps companies better engage their employees and end-users around the world,” said Korawad Chearavanont, Chief Executive Officer at Amity. “By leveraging advanced AWS capabilities like machine learning services to continually innovate new products, we can quickly develop new features and constantly improve our platform based on what our customers want.”

“Amity is a great example of a company born on AWS that has leveraged the agility inherent in cloud computing to enter new markets and solve meaningful customer challenges in a dynamic business environment,” said Conor McNamara, Managing Director, ASEAN at AWS. “By integrating social features into applications and websites, Amity is helping companies enhance customer engagement and create positive customer experiences. With AWS, Amity has access to an unmatched portfolio of cloud capabilities that allows them to quickly develop new features and services in response to customer feedback.”

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