An exhibition by Dr. Deyn Natthakhet Yaemim at PULSE Gallery



“Now Calling …”

An exhibition by Dr. Deyn Natthakhet Yaemim

PULSE Gallery

28 November 2022, BANGKOK – PULSE Gallery is delighted to be launching, an exhibition, “Now Calling …” in Bangkok by Dr. Deyn Natthakhet Yaemim. Dr. Deyn is the founder of Pulse and this is his first solo show.

The exhibition features acrylic on canvas and mixed media, with the works being completed while Dr. Deyn traveled through South America, Europe and Asia in 2022. On “Now Calling …” Dr. Deyn explained, “When the world gets in trouble, either the world outside, or our inside world is turning upside down, when there’s no-one else around and we find ourselves alone, listen to the call inside your heart, deep down in your soul. Allow yourself to connect with your inner world, make peace with yourself, follow your dreams and passions” said Dr. Deyn.

“When someone wants to connect with us, calling rather than texting, creates a more meaningful experience. We know we are wanted, and missed, and that the caller truly cares, giving us their time and attention. The sound of our voice, even without the visual cues, allows for deeper bonding. Auditorial communication creates a significantly stronger connection.” So, “Now Calling …” according to Dr. Deyn.

“Now Calling …” is open now, through 23 January 2023, at PULSE Gallery Silom. Located at 60/4 Silom Road, next to Sala Daeng BTS station, exit 3 and MRT Silom, Exit 2.

About Dr. Deyn (Instagram @dr.deyn)

Dr. Natthakhet Yaemim, M.D., called Dr. Deyn, is the founder and CEO of PULSE Social Enterprise, a pan-Asian network of lifestyle clinics and services, and a research physician at Maastricht University, The Netherlands. PULSE’s mission is to promote and provide excellence in standards of care and education in lifestyles medicine, HIV and co-infections, normalizing sexual wellbeing and to actively engage in the formulation of public health policy, with the aim of eradicating the HIV burden in across the region. Dr. Deyn is responsible for the overall management and operations of PULSE Clinic International, PULSE Tech and Innovation and PULSE Gallery.

Dr. Deyn was part of two previous group exhibitions, “Sex and Spirituality” in Vienna (May 2022) and “KinkyBKK” in Bangkok (September 2022). Besides recognition for his work in acrylic on paper and canvas, Dr. Deyn is known for his art curation of art exhibitions at PULSE Galleries. In addition, he leads the marketing team and its art direction at PULSE Clinic, where the graphics used on the website are recognized in their own right for their evocative and educational style, and for his interior design of the PULSE Clinics and PULSE Galleries.

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