ANTHROPOCENE” A group exhibition by three Thai artists – Pannaphan Yodmanee, Phornphop Sittiruk, and Prasert Yodkaew


A group exhibition by three Thai artists: Pannaphan Yodmanee, Phornphop Sittiruk, and Prasert Yodkaew

Exhibition Dates: 13th June – 11th August 2024

Opening Reception: 13th June 2024 at 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Venue: West Eden Gallery, 45/2 Sukhumvit 31

1PROJECTS in collaboration with West Eden presents a group exhibition by three Thai artists – Pannaphan Yodmanee, Phornphop Sittiruk, and Prasert Yodkaew. In this exhibition, each of the artists show their perspective on the negative impact humanity has on us and our environment. They use different media such as painting, video art installation, and printings to show the impact of our inflictions such as war and pollution on earth, other life forms, and finally thereby also on ourselves.

The Anthropocene, possibly the 39th epoch of planet Earth, is a proposed epoch when the effects of human activity started to have significant impacts on Earth’s geology, landscape, limnology and ecosystems. Earth is estimated to be 4.5 billion years old, based on radiometric analysis of the oldest rocks found to date. The Anthropocene however, may have started only 73 years ago, according to the 37 researchers of the Anthropocene Working Group. Scientists are split opinions differ over whether the Anthropocene should be an “epoch” or merely an “event” in geological history. Scientific and public discussions about how best to describe the Anthropocene continue. Clear is only the profoundness of the human impact while it remains to be seen how long this period may last.

About the Artists

Phannaphan Yodmanee

b. 1988


Pannaphan Yodmanee combines found objects, natural elements such as rocks and minerals, and painted elements that recall traditional Thai art and architecture. The artist examines the relevance of Buddhist philosophy to our lives. Through her abstract works, she explores Buddhist philosophy and cosmology. Utilizing a combination of raw, natural materials with found objects of contemporary origin, her works imbue the painted designs and motifs endemic to traditional Thai art with the universal and persistent themes of loss, suffering, devastation, and the karmic cycles of death and rebirth.

Her accolades include top prizes in the Thai Traditional Painting Awards (2013), as well as the Young Thai Artist Awards (2006–2007) and the Benesse Prize. Her works were showcased at the Singapore Biennale (2016), Bangkok Biennale (2018) and at the Lyon Contemporary Biennale, France (2019). Most recently her works were shown at Les Galeries Sarto Paris/France, Tang Contemporary Art Beijing/China, and MOCA Bangkok/ Thailand. Her unique aesthetic has brought her international recognition, and her work is now included in public and private collections around the world. These include the collections of the Singapore

Art Museum, the Queensland Art Gallery, the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane/Australia, the Yuz Museum in Shanghai/China, and the Benesse Art Site in Naoshima/Japan.

Prasert Yodkaew

b. 1987


Prasert Yodkaew graduated from Silpakorn University Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts with BFA and MFA degrees. In his work Yodkaew does not intend to provide answers for the audience; instead, he is looking to confront by employing paradox designs. That involves devices, creatures, and three-dimensional decompositions of traditional architecture mixed with biological specimens. In addition, in his practice, Yodkaew blends western engineering with Thai elements to generate a precarious balance between the two.

Yodkaew took part in the exchange programme “Bangkok-Quebec” 2017 at L’Oeil De Poisson Gallery in Quebec, Canada. He has had several solo exhibitions such as “Sciencefaith” 2011 at Projectspace Gallery in Luang Prabang/Laos, “Art Sanya” 2012 at Venue Art Sanya, Hainan/China, “How to get back to heaven” 2013 at Tang Contemporary Art, Beijing/China,“Predetermined” 2015 at Tang Contemporary Art, Bangkok/Thailand, ”Nightmare” 2018 at Vin Gallery, Saigon/Vietnam, “Asian Drums” 2019 at VT Art Salon Gallery in Taipei/Taiwan, and “Present/Absent” 2024 at Otto Studio 1975 in Toyama/Japan. His works have been exhibited in “Anthropos Navigating Human Depth” 2012 at Sundaram Tagore Gallery/ Singapore. Additionally, in 2013 he exhibited a sculpture installation at the cave exhibition “Metro- Sapiens” in Ratchaburi province, and in 2014 exhibited “Thai Charisma (Heritage+Creative Power) Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC) in Bangkok/Thailand.

Phornphop Sittiruk

b. 1986


Phornphop Sittiruk is a conceptual artist. Sittiruk creates sculptures and installations that require craftsmanship. His studio is staffed with a team of people who assist in producing works. The artist chose objects and materials in his daily life primarily with consideration of their original meanings to then add on meaning. Hence Sittiruk’s works have been largely influenced by his own experiences. His works have been shown at the VT Art Salon in Taipei/Taiwan, WTF Gallery, Bridge Art Space, 1PROJECTS, and Gallery VER in Bangkok/Thailand. Sittiruk had his first solo show in Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia by Numthong Art Space in collaboration with A+ Works of Art in 2019. His works were shown at Art SG 2023 by 1PROJECTS at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, and Art Jakarta 2023 by A+ Works of Art. He participated in the Bangkok Biennale 2018 and held an artist residency in Gwangju South Korea. Sittiruk holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Silpakorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.


1PROJECTS organises Asian contemporary art projects and seeks to promote and support Asian emerging contemporary artists locally and internationally at art fairs, overseas galleries or alternative spaces. Previous projects include organising gallery and artist studio visits, projects for hotels as well as private overseas collectors. 1PROJECTS covers all aspects from art advisory to sourcing of works for collections, commissioning, project management and installation coordination. In the past 1PROJECTS has shown artworks by emerging young Thai and other Southeast Asian artists in Thailand as well as overseas.

About West Eden

West Eden is located in Bangkok, Thailand and exhibits internationally renowned artists alongside up and coming artists from the local community. The collection focuses on contemporary with an emphasis on art with a purpose. The gallery seeks to help people trust in what they respond to, helping be the bridge between the artist and viewer and Thailand to the world. In addition to helping place international and Thai art with collectors, the gallery will be a pillar of the local creative scene by hosting community shows. The gallery gives the art of today a home. Our passion is in creating meaningful relationships between Thailand and the world through art, culture and dialogue.

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