APCOM is presenting the Real Heroes at the 6th HERO Awards 2022

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APCOM is presenting the Real Heroes at the 6th HERO Awards 2022

Save the date 25 November 2022

Bangkok, 6 October 2022—Standing for HIV, Equality and Rights, the HERO Awards is an annual event which acknowledges outstanding service to the HIV response in Asia and the Pacific, and to the region’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex (LGBTQI) communities

The 6th HERO Awards 2022 will be hosted under the concept of “Unity&Diversity” at Australian Embassy, Bangkok on Friday 25 November 2022. The event is also a fundraiser for the Bangkok-based APCOM Foundation, a leading NGO which works to fight HIV and advance LGBTQI health and rights across the Asia Pacific region. The Awards are being supported by a range of corporate sponsors, community organisations and diplomatic missions.

“Australia is proud to host 2022 HERO Awards at its Embassy in Bangkok as APCOM celebrates its 15th anniversary. This unique event not only celebrates some extraordinary leadership from LGBTQI and HIV communities in the Asia Pacific region, but also highlights some key challenges in terms of human rights, health, and wellbeing of the marginalized communities, made worse due to the COVID-19 pandemic – and that we all need to support”,
said HE Dr Angela Macdonald PSM, Australian Ambassador to Thailand.

Hon. Michael Kirby, APCOM LGBTQI Human Rights Ambassador, shared that “The struggle of LGBTQI people did not start from Stone Wall, but a long way back. However, there have been good developments in the Asia Pacific region in terms of decriminalistion of being LGBTQ, and recognizing SOGIESC and marriage equality. There is work to be done as a community, but change is happening in the right direction. Thanks to HERO Awards and APCOM who contributes to this as well”

The event also promises a wonderful evening of inspiration and celebration. Up to 300 guests will gather in the Australian Embassy, in the heart of Bangkok for an inspirational awards ceremony and fabulously fun cocktail reception with delicious canapes accompanied by fine wines and premium beer. There’ll be great live entertainment from singers, musicians, and performers as well as an exciting fundraising auction with holidays, fashion, art exhibition, standup show, and dining up for grabs at bargain prices. The VIP guest lists, co-presenters, and our surprising celebrities will be announced together with the nominated HERO Awards finalists on APCOM’s official website and social media platforms soon.

“HERO Awards are our token of appreciation to the tremendous work of the community on the ground and also recognition of their efforts in the HIV response, therefore it’s such an honour that APN+ once again work with APCOM for the HERO award this year”,
added Harry Prabowo, Programme Manager of APN+, one of the regional community network partners.

“I am proud on behalf of UNAIDS to join APCOM in promoting the 6th HERO Awards 2022 and premier annual Thailand Pride Festival 2022. These extraordinary events celebrate gender diversity, social inclusion, human rights, human dignity, and respect for all. The HERO Awards event is a unique platform that honours LGBTIQ activists and advocates and celebrates their achievements, it inspires everyone to do more and better for the people we serve, it contributes to strengthening our partnerships and finding new allies in our fight against HIV, stigma, inequalities and social injustice.”,
said Taoufik Bakkali, UNAIDS Regional Director, a.i., for Asia and the Pacific

You can also be a hero!

APCOM’s survey of LGBTQI situation in Thailand and in the region during COVID-19 pandemic found that mental health issues mainly in anxiety, depression and helplessness and hopelessness due to joblessness and/or loss of income, particularly for trans people and people living with HIV. Some respondents reported cases of discrimination and violence due to their sexual orientation and gender identity, and/or living with HIV.

You can also be a hero by supporting APCOM emergency fund and sponsoring the event to ensure that those most marginalized and affected by the pandemic can rebuild their livelihoods.

Michael Bäk, APCOM’s Private Sector Ambassador explained that
“this year’s HERO Awards represent a fantastic opportunity for the business community to come together with government and civil society to celebrate the accomplishments of LGBTQI community leaders and Allies working to ensure people from our community can live the lives we want, and deserve. Our heroes demonstrate the critical role members of our community play in helping us all live more healthily, love more openly, and succeed more fully.”


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About APCOM’s HERO Awards:



Meet your Real Heroes (not any more on your screens)

And join the HERO team on 25 November 2022

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Pride is not just for Pride month?

The coalition of LGBTQI groups are hosting the premier Thailand Pride Festival 2022 during 25-27 November 2022 in Bangkok

Although globally June is the Pride month, however, national Pride events take place throughout the year in many other places at different times, for example, Sydney’s Mardi Gras takes place in February and Taiwan Pride takes place in October.

As the hype of LGBTQI movement in Thailand is becoming more popular and visible, the coalition of LGBTQI groups, a network of individuals and community-based organizations working to improve the human rights of LGBTQI community for decades, are hosting the premier Thailand Pride Festival 2022 during 25-27 November 2022 in Bangkok as the annual and national event. Under the concept of “Unity&Diversity”, this festival aims to raise awareness of diversity and inclusion among the public, while encouraging Thai LGBTQI and diversified communities to speak up their voices against stigmatization and discrimination.

“We hope Thailand Pride Festival will be an annual event that bridges the previous Bangkok Pride festival that were held in November each year – with the last one taking place in 2007.” Said Midnight, APCOM Executive Director, he added, “as we begin to recover from the effects of the pandemic, we really need support from all sectors of society to rebuild better and ensure that we all have the same rights and access to opportunities. We can unite in all our diversity which we should also celebrate.”


“Speaking of Pride, for me it is about everyone having Pride in human dignity and gender diversity.”,
added Jintana Chanbamrung, Director General, Department of Women’s Affairs and Family Development

“Because everyone has their own uniqueness. We believe that everyone has the same opportunity and equal rights no matter who you are.”
commented Nattinee Netraumpai, Head of External Affairs and Media Relations, Unilever Thailand

“Pride has a role to communicate to the wider society for better understanding, and when this is achieved the process of amending the law for equal rights for LGBTQI+ will eventually happen.”,
said Teerasil Tapen, Executive Director, The Americas Region, Tourism Authority of Thailand mentioned.

Not just another Pride

Apart from taking place in November, this 3-day festival offer more than just the Pride march. The activities will set up in many places as the scheduled time, so that the guests can open the event guide map and enjoy participating in the events which they prefer. The activities will also be setup by various stakeholders covering arts performance, cultures exhibitions, interactive event, marketplace, concert, and activities to discuss about LGBTQI and vulnerability issues, etc.

The most important thing is that the festival will expand into diversity and inclusion to not only LGBTQI target groups, but also vulnerable and marginalized populations, according to the pledge to “leave no one behind” settled in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals. Leaving no one behind means social inclusion, which leads to ensuring their visibility and participation. To achieve this, various stakeholders and sectors will join a hand and make this Thailand Pride Festival not just another Pride.

“As Thailand eased its COVID-19 restrictions, Thailand Pride Festival 2022 offers a great opportunity for marginalised groups – not only LGBTQI to show solidarity. We seek wide support from all sectors of our society to ensure that all groups can get the same rights and opportunity as everyone.”,
said Atitaya Asa, TEAK – Trans Empowerment member and Thailand Pride Festival Working Group

Key highlights

25 November 2022

  • Physical structures and signs of the rainbow flags in Silom Road
  • Side Events in the scheduled location by stakeholders
  • HERO Awards 2022 at the Australian Embassy by APCOM
  • HERO Awards 2022 After Party by APCOM

26 November 2022

  • Physical structures and signs of the rainbow flags in Silom Road
  • Thailand Pride Festival Party by Silom communities and partners

27 November 2022

  • Full scale of the festival in one place at Lumpini/Silom area
  • Marketplace
  • Side Events
  • Arts and Culture exhibitions
  • Main Stage for concert, discussion, talk and interview, performances
  • Thailand Pride Festival March on Silom Road

“Pride is SOUL, Pride is LIFE, and Pride should take place throughout the year until we have equality. Let us come and celebrate together at Thailand Pride Festival 2022!”,
commented Nachale Boonyapisomparn, transgender activist and member of the Thailand Pride Festival Working Group.

Stay tuned for the updated information at https://www.apcom.org/

About Thailand Pride Festival 2022:


Let’s celebrate our national Pride together!

#ThailandPrideFestival2022 #Unity&Diversity

Support for the event, please contact: apcom@apcom.org or 02-3991145


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