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Bangkok Galleries to Join!

Bangkok, 18 August 2022 – Jakarta’s international art fair is back.! From 26 to 28 August 2022, Art Jakarta returns to Jakarta Convention Center, Senayan, and this year will include two noted Bangkok galleries, SAC Gallerry and Warin Lab. Contemporary.

Over the last two years, Art Jakarta has been deeply engaged in supporting the Indonesian art scene despite the many challenges presented by the pandemic. At the end of 2020, Art Jakarta introduced Art Jakarta Virtual, an art fair experience. The four-month Fair reminded us that the art scene was still thriving, despite the difficult times.

In April 2022, Art Jakarta introduced another new concept, Art Jakarta Gardens, which was held at Hutan Kota by Plataran, Jakarta. Art Jakarta Gardens emphasised sculptures and installations in an outdoor garden environment, as well as 20 booths by prominent Indonesian galleries presenting their artists in bespoke tents designed for the event.

Art Jakarta Virtual and Art Jakarta Gardens were both received enthusiastically by both the stakeholders in the art world as well as the general public. These temporary iterations of the Fair were meant to act as a catalyst for a further and swift recovery of the Indonesian art scene.

Tom Tandio, the Fair Director, says, “During the post-pandemic times when the new normal hasn’t been truly normal, a full flagship international fair faces myriad challenges. However, my team and I are confident that the Southeast Asian market, especially Indonesia, is ready to embrace it. And the success can only come from the support of all stakeholders.”

To carry this momentum further, Art Jakarta will be returning to the Jakarta Convention Center, Senayan, from 26 to 28 August 2022, to stage our flagship international art fair once again. The Fair is proud to introduce UOB Indonesia as the Lead Partner with whom we are partnering for the fifth time. This banking institution is an active art supporter, with a long commitment to the development of arts, especially painting in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Art Jakarta shares the vision with UOB Indonesia to continuously create a contemporary art ecosystem that will continue to enliven the art community.

With the support of partners as well as various stakeholders in the art scene, Art Jakarta 2022 will present a number of exciting sections:


The main section of the Fair comprises 62 galleries in total, with 39 galleries from Indonesia, and 23 galleries from overseas (Southeast Asia, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan). We are particularly excited to be presenting new, young art galleries that have not participated in the Fair previously, in this section. For the full list of the participating galleries, see Appendix 1.


Art Jakarta Spot is a platform for special presentations of art installations that have been tailored specifically to the Fair. Art Jakarta Spot will present 15 curated artworks, exhibited in public areas within the fairground. For the list of several artworks in Art Jakarta Spot, see Appendix 2.

3. AJX

AJX is a collaborative initiative between Art Jakarta and institutions as well as private companies to present their collections at Art Jakarta to a wider audience. This will be an opportunity for the public to see many of the artworks for the first time.

In this section, we are proud to collaborate with Lead Partner UOB Indonesia, which has been holding an annual Southeast Asian painting competition, UOB Painting of the Year, since 1982, to exhibit artworks by past Southeast Asian winners of the competition. Apart from a special space for its artists, UOB Indonesia will also present the work of the 2021 Indonesian winner, Meliantha Muliawan.

Art Jakarta will also be collaborating with our Main Partners. Among them is Tumurun Museum, an institution that also supports art education, which will present a part of their exclusive collection in our VIP Lounge, ranging from experienced maestros to young, budding artists.

Another Main Partner, Bibit, a mutual fund investment application that is licensed and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK), will be presenting the artworks of Marco Cassani, which are part of the series Fountain, an exploration of transformative values of coins thrown into the Balinese temples’ fountains as people make wishes.

Cohart, our other Main Partner, a social media platform to discover art using tech-enabled curation, will be presenting their NFT project, called The Art Yearbook, inspired by real people who have or will make their mark on the art world, commemorating the art community of the past, present, and future.

4. AJ1

AJ1 is a new section for international galleries to present curated solo shows. Given the difficulty for international artists to adjust to the new normal, Art Jakarta created this opportunity to facilitate a wider international presence at the Fair. AJ1 will showcase multifaceted presentations to gather voices from the region and beyond. For the full list of the participating galleries in AJ1, see Appendix 3.


Bali Art Scene is a new section dedicated to art galleries from Bali. The island was particularly impacted by the pandemic during the past couple of years. As a special spotlight, Bali Art Scene will present Balinese contemporary artists. This section will allow insight into what is currently going on in the Bali art scene.

The new energy in the Balinese art scene can be seen through the perspectives of these galleries: TONYRAKA Art Gallery, one of the longest-running galleries with continuous effort to create exhibitions for the art scene; Galeri Zen1, which was newly established during the hard times of the pandemic, and Art Xchange Gallery, which has just relocated from Singapore to Bali, adding more excitement to the scene; and Jagad Gallery, which will be evolving their programmes in their upcoming new space in the coming year.


Art Jakarta NFT is a section dedicated to NFT art and the NFT community. Art Jakarta NFT was first initiated during Art Jakarta Gardens and will be expanded further on a larger scale, with the aspiration that NFT and traditional art collectors may interact and come together. Art Jakarta is fully committed to supporting NFT art and educating the public about the nature of NFTs, in particular, that NFTs are not just a monetary instrument.

Thus, we are excited to present two NFT projects this year. In collaboration with thisPLAY Studio, the artist collective Blanco Benz Atelier will present a decentralized virtual black market wrapped and moulded around historical futurism, which explores blockchain technology and breeding mechanism as an experimental NFT project. This project’s amazing augmented reality and image processing function is supported by Festivo.

The second project is a collaborative performance between a few NFT creators from the artist collective Monday Art Club, supported by the Indonesian launchpad Gaspack, to show the interdisciplinary practice among creators.

Both projects above are supported by the Indonesian well-known NFT whale Evan Tan.


SCENE is a section for artist collectives and non-profits based outside of Jakarta to raise funds for their respective causes. A core value of Art Jakarta is to support initiatives that may require creative formats of funding, especially those outside of the greater Jakarta region. This section will present merchandise and publications, among others. For the full list of the participating groups, see Appendix 4.


Art Jakarta Play is a section designed to provide a playground for children to hone their creativity, sensibility, and imagination through diverse activities. This year, Art Jakarta invites the winner of the UOB Painting of the Year 2021 competition Meliantha Muliawan to specifically design this space, with the idea to introduce children to an awareness of the natural surroundings.


A platform for dialogue between experts, observers, artists, collectors, and curators, to share their experience and knowledge with our audience. Lined up with trusted names and exciting figures in the scene, this programme will be an indispensable part of the Fair. One of the exciting speakers is Shaun Leong, a Withersworldwide counsel who just won the Bored Ape injunction case in Singapore.

By presenting these sections, Art Jakarta aspires to strengthen the foundations and the ecosystem of Indonesian art and to allow art to thrive globally.

We look forward to seeing you at Art Jakarta 2022, 26-28 August 2022, at JCC, Senayan. For further details please visit


For media information please contact: Contact Person:

TQPR Thailand

Tom Van Blarcom | | 662 260 5820

Nuie Titichayapon | | 662 260 5820

Appendix 1: Full List of Galleries

2Madison Gallery Jakarta

75 Gallery Jakarta

A+ Works of Art Kuala Lumpur

Andi’s Gallery Jakarta

Art :1 Jakarta

Art Agenda Jakarta

Art Porters Gallery Singapore

Art Seasons Singapore

Art Xchange Gallery Bali

ArtSerpong Gallery Jakarta

ArtSociates Bandung

Artemis Art Kuala Lumpur

Artsphere Gallery Jakarta

Atelier Aki Seoul

Bale Project Bandung

Budi Gallery Jakarta

CAN’S Gallery Jakarta

CGartspace Jakarta

D Gallerie Jakarta

Da Xiang Art Space Taipei

Dunia Art Gallery Jakarta

EquatorNFT Yogyakarta

Façade Kiniko Art Jakarta

Fost Gallery Singapore

Gajah Gallery Singapore, Jakarta, Yogyakarta

Galeri Ruang Dini Bandung

Galeri Zen 1 Bali

Gallery YEH Seoul

Gudang Gambar Jakarta

Hatch Art Project Singapore

ISA Art Gallery Jakarta

Jagad Gallery Bali

LAV Gallery Yogyakarta

Linda Gallery Jakarta

Mizuma Gallery Singapore, Tokyo, New York

Moon’s Art Jakarta

Murai Art Project Jakarta

Museum of Toys Jakarta

Nadi Gallery Jakarta

OTA Fine Art Singapore, Tokyo, Shanghai

Pintu Contemporary Jakarta

ROH Jakarta

ROH Projects Projects Jakarta

RUCI Art Space Jakarta

Rachel Gallery Jakarta

Richard Koh Fine Art Kuala Lumpur

SAC Gallery Bangkok

SAL Project Jakarta

Semarang Gallery Semarang

ShanghArt Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing

Srisasanti Gallery Yogyakarta

Sullivan+Strumpf Singapore, Sydney

TONYRAKA Art Gallery Bali

Vin Gallery Ho Chi Minh City

Vinyl on Vinyl Manila

Warin Lab Contemporary Bangkok

Wei-Ling Gallery Kuala Lumpur

Yeo Workshop Singapore

YOD Gallery Osaka

Yiri Arts Taipei

Yuan Gallery Jakarta

Zola Zolu Gallery Bandung

Appendix 2: List of 7 Artworks in Art Jakarta Spot

  1. Breathe, 2022, Bagus Pandega (ROH Projects)
  2. Casting Spells for the Movement, 2021, Nadiah Bamadhaj (A+ Works of Art)
  3. Gender Artefact 2nd, 2016, Ninindityo Purnomo (D Gallerie)
  4. Long Shadow #1, 2020, Jompet Kuswidananto (ISA Art & Design)
  5. Membangun Literasi Indonesia Baru / Building A New Indonesian Literacy, 2022, Dedy Sufriyadi (Artemis Gallery)
  6. Political Clowns, 1999, Heri Dono (Srisasanti Syndicate)
  7. Tak Berakar Tak Berpucuk No. 8 / No Roots No Shoots No. 8, 2019, by Handiwirman Saputra (Nadi Gallery)

Appendix 3: List of Artists and Galleries in AJ1

  1. Ari Bayuaji, presented by Warin Lab Contemporary
  2. Didin Jirot, presented by Hatch Art Project
  3. Filippo Sciascia, presented by Yeo Workshop
  4. Gatot Indrajati, presented by Art Seasons
  5. Irfan Hendrian, presented by Sullivan+Strumpf
  6. Nadiah Bamadhaj, presented by A+ Works of Art
  7. Reen Barrera, presented by VINYL ON VINYL
  8. Vipoo Srivilasa, presented by SAC Gallery
  9. Xu Zhen, presented by ShanghART

Appendix 4: List of Artist Collectives and Non-Profits in Scene

  1. ACE House Collective
  2. Art+
  3. Art Hounds Club
  4. Arté Restauro
  6. Atreyu Moniaga Project
  7. Busan Galeri
  8. C on Temporary
  9. DA’POZA
  10. DGTMB
  11. Djon & Rose
  13. HARUST Project
  14. Helutrans
  15. Ketemu Project
  16. KITC
  18. Lumikasa
  20. MJK – Malam Jumat Kliwon
  21. Mola Art Gallery
  22. NalarRoepa Ruang Seni
  25. Studio Dinding Luar
  26. Tupalo
  27. UglyBijoux
  28. Uji “Hahan” Handoko, Adi Kusuma A.K.A. Uma Gumma, in Collaboration with Black Hand Gang


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