“Asian Occasion”, Solo Exhibition by Artist in Residence, GJ Kuijpers



Solo Exhibition by Artist in Residence, GJ Kuijpers

ASS (Art Space Silom)

3rd March through 5th April, 2023

Bangkok 24 February 2023, PULSE Gallery announces the opening of PULSE Gallery Artist In Residence Geert-Jan Kuijpers residency show, “Asian Occasion”, presented in in two distinct collections, Portraits, and Nude and Erotic works. The show will be held at Art Space Silom (ASS), opening on 3 March.

In Portraits Geert-Jan brings out what we hide behind our masks, the dark side, the side that our surroundings and others do not see. Although the Portraits look straight at you, you feel a hidden world of emotions coming from within each portrait.

In the Nude and Erotic collection, images of exhibitionism and self-love are truly and honestly reflected. People who are not afraid or ashamed to show themselves, because there is no need to.

After reading an article about an exhibition in the Netherlands where photos showing nudity were put in a special separate room behind curtains, and some articles/discussions about problems with nudity in art in general, Geert Jan decided “to hit back and start making erotic works to encourage people to be proud of their bodies and their sexuality, and that there is nothing wrong with nudity, (self) affection, porn or intimacy”.

“The “Asian Occasion” show continues our promotion of open discussions to be had with your partner, lover or anonymous playmates and new friends. To keep our minds open and unlock our deepest desires and darkest fantasies. We can develop a strong connection with intimacy that will lead us to self and social acceptance, and true personal improvement,” noted Dr. Deyn, Founder and CEO of PULSE Social Enterprise and ASS.

Works in “Asian Occasion” works consist of drawings and paintings using various mixed materials, including acrylic, ink, chalk and sometimes oil paint.

Geert-Jan Kuijpers studied at Vogue Academy and Rietveld Academy of Art in Amsterdam. He gets his inspirations from daily life, film, theater, meetings and encounter, as well as memories and photos he collects.

PULSE regularly hosts local and international artists for residencies, providing space and resources to support their artistic practice.

You are invited to the Exhibition Opening Party 3rd March at ASS Gallery and CBD, next door to PULSE Silom, 6pm till late.

The exhibition will run from 3 March through5 April 2023. Click HERE for more information. https://pulse-gallery.com/

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