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AMPOS is a Digital Transformation technology company founded in 2016 with a team of 45+ technology and consulting professionals based in Bangkok, Thailand helping organizations bridge the divide between technology and business solutions. Evolving from a start-up company dedicated to assisting organizations in driving behavior change with our behavior and culture change platform, AMPOS has grown to be a leading provider in Southeast Asia of data management services, and is now providing solutions from data driven talent management to data prediction using machine learning. Every day, we’re working with our clients to help them effectively leverage technological solutions to overcome real world business problems across their value chain, while helping senior executives understand how technology, especially technology platforms, data analytics, data insights and data prediction, can reduce costs, increase revenue, and drive better decision making to tackle a host of vexing business challenges.

AMPOS People Engagement Platform

To deal with the fast-changing and unexpected challenges of a dynamic working environment, AMPOS provides an engaging, scalable, and sustainable people and organizational culture change solution. AMPOS enables leadership to achieve business results through its feature-rich modules that drive changes in employees’ behaviors for culture change and business outcomes. Example solutions include:

Behavior Recognition

Positive, real-time, and frequent feedback with gamification interactions to create a collaborative and productive atmosphere around the workplace

Employee Communication

A robust communication tool for communicating with employees in groups or companywide, with the ability to track in real-time if messages were received AND understood.

Employee Sentiment

Track employee sentiment in real-time through daily shot form pulse surveys, and machine learning tools that track employee communications to determine what your employees are thinking and feeling on general or specific issues.

Data & Technology Consulting

Looking to join the big data revolution but not sure where to begin? Do you need someone who speaks the language of business instead of tech-jargon when it comes to understanding how data, data insights and data predictions can help your business achieve its goals? AMPOS’s Data & Technology Consulting team is ready to help you, no matter the stage of your data transformation journey. AMPOS consultants and data scientists work with several state of the art machine learning systems to quickly assess how we can transform your data and apply data analysis, data visualization and AI and machine learning to answer your most pressing business challenges in human resources management, such as health and safety, employee turnover, and talent recruitment and management, in order to drive measurable cost reductions.

Worried your data is not ready for machine learning? We’ve got you covered. Our team can help you set up data systems, and collect and clean (extract, transform and load) your data so it’s ready to apply our visualizations and predictive models, in order to provide you with the answers you’re seeking and help you make smarter, data-driven decisions. AMPOS data engineers are trained and certified by Amazon Web Services (AWS), the word’s largest cloud services provider. No matter where you are on your data journey, AMPOS’s team is ready to help you make sense of your data and answer real world business challenges.

Application Development Outsourcing

AMPOS provides consulting and project-based services to companies in need of leveraging AMPOS team’s deep expertise in small/medium/enterprise software development and cloud services.

AMPOS services include:

  • Software development of mobile applications, web applications, and integrations
  • Software & big data architecture consulting services
  • Cloud migration consulting services

Our dedicated services teams are based in Bangkok and Taipei with specialties in Agile/Scrum Project Management, Software Architecture, Business Analysis, UX/UI Design, Quality Assurance, and Technical Support.

We have hands-on in-depth knowledge in AWS cloud technologies and are the official APN Select Tier Technology Partner of Amazon Web Services.


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