AWS Launches AWS Local Zones location in Bangkok

AWS Launches AWS Local Zones location in Bangkok

AWS Local Zones help AWS customers deliver distributed edge and hybrid cloud applications that require single-digit millisecond latency to end users in Bangkok

eCloudvalley, Expsystem, National Telecom, and Nice Apparel are among customers and AWS Partners welcoming AWS Local Zones

BANGKOK—Jan. 19, 2023—Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), an, Inc. company (NASDAQ: AMZN), announced the launch of a new AWS Local Zones location in Bangkok, Thailand. AWS Local Zones are a type of infrastructure deployment that places AWS compute, storage, database, and other services near large population, industry, and information technology (IT) centers⁠—enabling customers to deploy applications that require single-digit millisecond latency to end users or on-premises data centers. Customers can run workloads with low latency requirements on AWS Local Zones while seamlessly connecting to the rest of their workloads running in AWS Regions. AWS now has 29 AWS Local Zones around the world, with announced plans to launch 23 more Local Zones globally. To get started with AWS Local Zones, visit

For applications that require single-digit millisecond latency, or have to remain within a geographic boundary for regulatory reasons, the location of cloud infrastructure matters. Most customer workloads run in an AWS Region, a geographic location where AWS clusters data centers to serve customers. However, when a Region is not close enough to meet low latency or data residency preferences, customers need AWS infrastructure closer to their data source or end users. Organizations have traditionally maintained these location-sensitive workloads on premises or in managed data centers that require customers to procure, operate, and maintain their own IT infrastructure, and use different sets of APIs and tools for their on-premises and AWS environments.

The launch of the new AWS Local Zones location in Bangkok gives customers the ability to easily deploy applications located close to end users in the metro area. Having AWS Local Zones close to large population centers in metro areas enables customers to achieve the low latency required for use cases like online gaming, live streaming, and augmented and virtual reality. They can also help customers operating in regulated sectors like health care, financial services, and public sector that might have preferences or requirements to keep data within a geographic boundary.

AWS manages and supports AWS Local Zones, meaning customers do not incur the expense and effort of procuring, operating, and maintaining infrastructure in various cities to support low latency applications. AWS Local Zones can also help organizations migrate additional workloads to AWS, supporting a hybrid cloud migration strategy and simplifying IT operations. Customers can connect to AWS Local Zones through an internet connection.

“The launch of an AWS Local Zone in Bangkok is a continuation of our investment to support customers running all types of workloads by bringing the most secure, extensive, and reliable cloud infrastructure to more locations in Thailand,” said Conor McNamara, managing director, AWS ASEAN. “We are proud to bring the cloud closer to AWS customers, so they can deploy latency-sensitive workloads that help better serve their end users. AWS Local Zones are designed to support a broad range of use cases—from trading applications that must respond quickly to market fluctuations to interactive live events and gaming experiences. ”

The new AWS Local Zones location in Bangkok is the newest addition to AWS infrastructure in Thailand, including 10 Amazon CloudFront edge locations, AWS Outposts, and the announced AWS Asia Pacific (Bangkok) Region.

Customers and AWS Partners welcome AWS Local Zones in Bangkok

eCloudvalley, AWS’s first Premier Consulting Partner in Asia Pacific, is an IT services and consulting organization that helps customers across Asia Pacific transform using the cloud. “As customers digitize their applications, reducing latency enables them to process data faster to drive insights, improve the performance of their applications, and increase efficiencies,” said Amarin Burinkul, country manager at eCloudvalley in Thailand. “The launch of an AWS Local Zones location in Bangkok enables us to help more customers in industries such as gaming, media and entertainment, and financial services develop innovative, low-latency applications and improve experiences for their end users in Thailand.”

Expsystem is a leading Thai software developer offering website and mobile application development services to customers around the world. They are best known for operating SMS2PRO, an SMS broadcasting service-provider which was established with the National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission (NBTC) in 2019. “With increasing smartphone penetration, businesses in Thailand and Southeast Asia rely on mobile phones to relay messages in a secure, fast, and reliable manner to their customers,” said Sakolwit Mungkhampha, CEO at Expsystem. “The AWS Local Zones location in Bangkok brings the cloud closer to our end users and enables us to benefit from lower latencies, ensuring that SMS-reliant applications, such as two factor authentication and transaction notifications, can now be delivered faster and more seamlessly.”

National Telecom (NT) is Thailand’s state-owned telecommunications company and an AWS Public Sector Partner. “We have collaborated with AWS since 2020 to accelerate the digital transformation of Thailand’s public sector,” said Dr. Wongkot Vijacksungsithi, senior executive vice president, Digital Business, at National Telecom. “Using AWS’s industry-leading services and infrastructure, we’ve helped over 14 government agencies build a digital foundation to deliver more efficient citizen services, drive local economic growth, and solve some of society’s biggest challenges. An AWS Local Zones location in Bangkok will give National Telecom more opportunities to offer solutions that can address some of the unique needs of our public sector customers, particularly in the area of compliance and data residency, which are priorities for governments moving their workloads to the cloud.”

Nice Apparel is Thailand’s leading sportswear manufacturer and largest apparel exporter, with offices in eight locations across Cambodia, China, and Thailand. “Changing business needs and increasing complexity in supply chain management was the key driver of our digital transformation,” said Prapakorn Sitthichaikasem, chief digital officer at Nice Apparel. “We plan to leverage the AWS Local Zones location in Bangkok to accelerate our transition to the cloud as we migrate our core digital systems to the AWS.”

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