Bangkok Set to Host Inaugural Bangkok Songkran Bear Week: A Groundbreaking Celebration of Bear Culture

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Bangkok Set to Host Inaugural Bangkok Songkran Bear Week: A Groundbreaking Celebration of Bear Culture

Bangkok, April 10, 2024 – Bangkok is gearing up to welcome Bear enthusiasts from around the globe to the first-ever Bangkok Songkran Bear Week, a pioneering event set against the vibrant backdrop of Thailand’s Songkran Water Festival. From April 12 to 15, 2024, Bear culture will take center stage in the heart of Bangkok, promising an extraordinary celebration like no other.

This four-day extravaganza invites Bear lovers worldwide to partake in a series of exciting events and parties, including:

‘Bangkok Twilight’ – A rooftop wet park foam party hosted by famous Bear DJs from Mexico, Japan and Thailand with the scenic Chaophraya River as a backdrop.

‘Mister Bear International’ – a Bear male pageant gathering Mister Bear title holders from across the globe in the search for the International title winner.

‘Bearism’ – a newly created BDSM-themed EDM circuit party featuring Asian Bear dance stars with shows by Thailand top-tier drag performers, plus an alluring BDSM art exhibition.

Bangkok Songkran Bear Week will make its name in the world and highlight Southeast Asia’s first international event from Bear culture. It highlights economic opportunities and the inclusive values of Thailand, colourfully positioning the country as a paradise of diversity, in a modern and contemporary way that beautifully completes the community as it advocates for equality and pride.

“We are excited to usher in the inaugural Bangkok Songkran Bear Week, we’re not just celebrating Bear culture; we’re igniting a vibrant beacon of inclusivity and unity amidst the festive spirit of Thailand’s Songkran Water Festival. This event is about more than revelry; it’s about embracing diversity and advocating for equality, marking a historic moment where our community stands proud and united,” said Aim Thabjan, Creative Director of Mr Bear International and Event Coordinator of Bangkok Songkran Bear Week. “We invite all to join us for the inaugural Bangkok Songkran Bear Week and be a part of this historic celebration of Bear culture in the heart of Bangkok.”

The Bear community, rooted in LGBTQ+ culture, celebrates body positivity, acceptance, and camaraderie. Originating in the late 1970s, the term ‘Bear’ gained prominence in the LGBT community in 1979 before evolving into a global phenomenon. A pivotal moment in Bear culture history was the inception of Bear Week in Provincetown, Massachusetts, believed to be the first Bear Weekend worldwide. Since the 1980s, Bear Week Provincetown has provided a space for Bears and their admirers to connect authentically and celebrate their identities.

Today, Bear Week events are held worldwide, offering social gatherings, parties, and community activities for attendees to embrace their true selves and foster a sense of belonging. From pool parties to cultural festivals, these events showcase the rich diversity and vibrancy of Bear culture, inviting participants to celebrate their individuality.

The Bear community in Thailand is centered in Bangkok and has a rich history originating from a small group of larger-built LGBT individuals gathering discreetly in a local karaoke bar and restaurants. This safe space allowed Bears, chubby Bears and Bear-friendly individuals to socialize, connect, and celebrate their shared identity. The community gained visibility to the public after its debut at Bangkok Pride in 2022, with significant media attention in 2023. The Mister Bear Bangkok competition, established in 2018, grew in prominence by moving to a larger stage in 2023, providing Bears with a platform to showcase their confidence and community spirit. Today, Thailand’s Bear community is an integral part of the country’s vibrant LGBT culture, offering support, friendship, and a sense of belonging through events, gatherings, and a strong online presence.


For media inquiries, interviews, or press passes, please contact:

Thanapon Thabjan (Aim)
Creative Director – Mr Bear International
Event Coordinator – Bangkok Songkran Bear Week (Bangkok Twilight / Bearism / Bangkok Songkran Parade)
Mobile: 086-651-8182

Warin Pattarapatumthong (Audi)
TQPR Thailand
Mobile: 098-239-4544


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