BangLee Everything Everywhere, a solo exhibition by Anuwat Apimukmongkon


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BangLee Everything Everywhere

Solo Exhibition by

Anuwat Apimukmongkon

18 March 2023 – 29 April 2023

Opening: Saturday, 18 March 2023, 18:00 onwards.

BangLee Everything Everywhere – a solo exhibition by Anuwat Apimukmongkon will open on 18 March 2023 at Chiang Mai’s Head High Second Floor (a non-profit Art Space)

Please note the new Address

28/1 Singharat Rd. T.Si Phum A.Muang, Old Town, Mueang Chiang Mai District Thailand 50200

BangLee Everything Everywhere

  • This world is Aniccam (Impermanence), nothing is certain, it changes, disappears, and it is not eternal.
  • This world is Dukkha (Subject to suffering). Suffering is the substance of all things, cannot survive in its original state, it’s variable by natural such as wanting, not wanting, wanting to have, not wanting to have, wanting to be, not wanting to be.
  • This world is Anatta (Non-self), cannot be grasped, unable to hold, unable to possess and cannot be controlled, devoid of true identity.

While humans are actively trying to explore and seek out the truth of the multiverse for scientific discovery, to find answers about the origins of the world, to disprove the theory of the old universe, or to discover the possibility of the existence of the new universe, it could be one reason or any other, but if you take a glance carefully, it may be that one reason: we explore and seek out other universes because the world and the original universe that we are in have been ruined, destroyed, reproduced, and accumulated, and that is too much to heal. The existence of a multiverse or other parallel world appears to be a fantasy, a salvation hope for us to escape and hide from the unhappy world that we have all created by forgetting that everything in this world is Aniccam, Dukkha, and Anatta.

“BangLee Everything Everywhere” is a compilation of Bang Lee’s multiverses (the medium of Anuwat Apimukmongkol) in the world of happiness, suffering, reality, and dreams. It will take you to explore the body of BangLee that has transformed into everything everywhere in the world of other artists and a new universe. Who would Bang Lee be if she were someone else? Who would the other person be without their identity? If we, as humans, had never existed in this universe, would it be better or worse? At the same time, if we happened to exist in another universe, would it be better or worse? To find those answers, it may require us to travel through other universes. And when we pull ourselves back into the universe we live in and look around again, will we think it’s a spectacular place for us to live? or should we accept the reality that it is not and correct our mistakes to keep ourselves and others happy, or should we continue to improve them from the past for a better present universe, until we and this universe are extinguished, or should we find a new universe to embark on another journey…


Anuwat Apimukmongkon, born 1995 in Trang, lives and works in Pattani. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Prince of Songkla University, Pattani.

Since then he has had numerous solo and group exhibitions and has also made a name for himself as a curator. Most recently, he curated the Patani Art Festival KENDURI SENI NUSANTARA 2022. His works are represented in renowned private collections as well as museum collections in Thailand.

For more information, please contact:

Head High Second Floor (New Address)

28/1 Singharat Rd. T.Si Phum A.Muang, Old Town, Mueang, Chiang Mai 50200

+66 61 686 0660

Open by appointment


TQPR Thailand, Nuie Titichayapon, +662 260 5820

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