Five City-Girl Driving Hacks, for Thai Roads

Nissan curates five driving tips specifically for urban-female drivers on Thailand’s roads, to make driving simpler, less stressful and more stylish.

Bangkok, Thailand (March 08, 2021) – Driving doesn’t have to be stressful for us ladies, if you have the right hacks and technology to help you along the way. So to assist, with nearly 80 years of experience in cars and driving, Nissan has gathered the best driving hacks for women (and men too!) driving on Thai roads, helped by the Nissan Kicks e-POWER – the ultimate-urban car.

  1. Arrive home anytime and not wake your dog/mum/family

We have all been in the situation, arriving home late and your car engine sound notifies almost everyone in the neighborhood, even your nosy neighbor! The newest way to get around this, is by using an electric motor which is almost silent. To explain, the Nissan Kicks e-POWER is 21 decibels (dB) – even quieter than a whisper (approximately 30 dB). Putting this in context- a normal conversation is about 60 dB, and a motorcycle engine is roughly 95 dB.[1]

So any late arrival in Nissan Kicks e-POWER is like a whisper in the wind, literally!

The reason it can do this is Nissan Kicks e-POWER has a 100% electric motor drive. Taking engine noise out of the equation means a quieter cabin to help release stress of a long workday, and as a bonus, reduces vehicle noise in residential areas too.

  1. Make traffic jam driving 70% easier!

Imagine how easy it would be to navigate traffic with just one pedal? No need to imagine anymore. Nissan Kicks e-POWER is the first vehicle in Thailand, after the Nissan LEAF, to have the ‘one-pedal’. Simply put your Kicks into EV mode, and the accelerator pedal becomes a brake and accelerator in one. After long days in the office in heels or running after the kids, trust us, your feet will thank you! This innovation has been proven to reduce foot movement by 70% in urban traffic, compared to standard pedals. In peak hour traffic, just think about the amount of times your foot has to hit the brakes, then accelerate. One pedal makes driving simplified and more convenient.

  1. Park like a Pro

We all know that feeling – parking at a packed shopping mall, or quick street food stop, with cars behind waiting impatiently behind you. It can make parking extra stressful, especially if you are in a hurry.

A parking hack is getting the help of the Around View Monitor in the Kicks e-POWER, as the screen shows your car from all angles and even gives you visual guidelines of how best to park, quickly and straight.  It also gives you sounds and signs if you get too close to anything or when to stop. No more parking pressure and park in any spot with confidence – love it!

  1. ‘Car-aoke’ Champion

Is your loud car cramping your car-karaoke style? Favorite song blasting, but you need to put max volume just to hear it? Let Nissan help you bring your inner car-Mariah Carey out! Nissan Kicks e-POWER has 200% improved noise isolation, which simply means road noises or annoying songs from other cars are hugely reduced, plus your engine is quieter than a whisper remember? So your stunning voice is even clearer, louder and better. Or it’s so quiet, you can finally understand why friends don’t ask you to sing at Karaoke…

  1. Coffee for the driver, not on the car!

Delicious morning coffee is a much-needed caffeine kick start for all of us. But we have all had this experience – the light turns green, you accelerate and your coffee spills. Nissan has an innovative solution to help! Let us explain: Nissan’s expertise allows smooth acceleration with precise motor torque control – meaning that every 1/10,000th of a second the acceleration is tuned to a precise level to achieve 100% smooth acceleration. That is splitting one second, 10,000 times! Translation: Smooth and fast acceleration, means the car’s movement is smoother and your coffee remains in the cup. Simple but so helpful!


Learn more about the Nissan Kicks e-POWER here.

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