Flux Forever By Rook Floro

Flux Forever

By Rook Floro

Curated by Nim Niyomsin

at 333GALLERY / warehouse30

Feb 3 – March 3, 2024

‘The absolute being

the becoming of the reform revered by the new norm your new form of fiction told’

**Press Release: Unveiling the Illusion – Navigating Identity in the Digital Age** 🌟

In an era dominated by digital platforms, where personal narratives are shaped and broadcasted to the world, a paradigm shift in self-perception and societal norms has emerged. The widespread use of mass media and advertising has given rise to a ‘cult of personality,’ where individuals curate their lives akin to corporate branding, fostering detachment from reality.

As connectivity through high-tech channels increases, society experiences unprecedented alienation. Social media becomes a canvas for portraying a desirable identity, often detached from the complexities of real life. This disconnect can lead to vulnerabilities and a psychological disparity between appearance and reality.

In response to these challenges, we confront a growing reliance on illusory narratives as an escape from life’s complexities. Seeking solace in religious, spiritual, or fortune-telling figures, individuals yearn for a promise of a better world.

The roots of modern propaganda, once tied to religious contexts, have evolved to influence various domains. Today, the persuasive power of language and media is wielded not just externally but internally, shaping personal narratives and beliefs.

As we grapple with the dissolution of traditional norms, the pressing question arises: Who will define new identities in this ever-evolving landscape? The call to be reborn

or reinvented can be a powerful impulse, but without an authentic understanding of self, it risks becoming a mere fabrication.

Join us in exploring these complex dynamics, questioning the impact of self-propaganda, and navigating the blurred lines between reality and illusion in the digital age.

About Flux

Flux is one of Rook Floro’s alter egos. Others are Corvus, Blastard, and Alpha/Omega. Each represents a certain character and angle of the artist and influences its own aesthetic story and representation. Flux is Floro’s ego, representing his ambition to reach the perfect version of self. Throughout the process, this causes conflict and a cycle between his perceived inferior self and the optimum one.

🗓️ Save the Date: Opening Feb 3, 2024 | Time: 18.00pm.

📍 Location: 333GALLERY / warehouse30

Exhibition held: Feb3 – March 3, 2024

Gallery opens: Tuesday – Sunday 11.00am. – 6.00pm. (Closed on Monday)

Limited Parking Available and charges apply.

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