German Christmas Market 2023

German Christmas Market 2023

Bringing a beloved German tradition to Bangkok
9 – 10 December 2023, 12:00 – 22:00
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As the festive season approaches, the Goethe-Institut Thailand invites everyone to embrace the holiday spirit in a new and exciting way.

While most Christmas markets are associated with wintery breezes and frosty ground, the Bangkok market flips the script, offering a warm and vibrant celebration. Nestled into shady Soi Goethe, the Goethe-Institut Thailand is a green oasis just off Sathorn Road, where attendees can expect to discover one seasonal delight after another.
A wide selection of food vendors will serve up everything you would traditionally find at a Christmas market in Germany:From roast and sausages, Christmas-themed baked goods like gingerbread or fruity stollen to the season’s absolute must-try, mulled wine.

You will also find plenty of gifts to take home for family and loved ones. Locally produced chocolate and handicrafts are guaranteed to spark joy among both the young and old. A live choir and musical performances together with plenty of kids’ activities will also help evoke that special Christmas magic in an enchanting, fairy-tale-like setting filled with seasonal treats and traditions.

A true German cultural heritage

German Christmas markets were born from a century-old tradition that first originated in German-speaking parts of Europe during the Middle Ages.
After the first snowfall of the year, it was high time for the people to prepare for a long cold winter and stock up on provisions that would last until spring. This bustling trade and exchange of goods turned market squares, the historical city centers, into lively gatherings that seemed to defy the cold.

Over time the event was combined with a countdown of the 24 days before Christmas (known as the ‘Advent Calendar’), and Christmas markets soon became a seasonal spectacle throughout German-speaking Europe. “In many regards, German Christmas culture is truly unique” said Johannes Hossfeld, director of the Goethe-Institut Thailand. “If you look at the German word for Christmas, you’ll understand that Germans value a sense of calm and reflection during the holidays. ‘Weihnachten’ means Holy Night or Blessed Night and this spirit of enchantment and wonder is best observed at a German Christmas Market.”

After drawing hundreds of visitors in 2017 and 2019, the Goethe-Institut’s Christmas Market is proud to return with more stalls than ever before by partnering with some of Thailand’s best-known German, Austrian and Swiss food vendors.

“We look forward to welcoming everyone to this fresh interpretation that fuses the time-honored traditions of German Christmas markets with the vibrant allure of a tropical setting,” Mr. Hossfeld, added.

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