Get Lucky in Year of the Ox with Eight Car Tips from Nissan

As Chinese New Year 2021 approaches on February 12, to help increase your good fortune, Nissan shares the best eight car tips to prosper in the year of the Ox.

Bangkok, Thailand (February 02, 2021) As a car is one of the largest and most important items people can buy, during the Chinese lunar new year a vehicle is thought to also attract luck and prosperity. This has meant that people can decide to purchase new cars, with the right color, and do certain auspicious activities to increase this luck! To help, Nissan has prepared eight tips for your car for the Year of the Ox, so good fortune stays with it, and you, throughout 2021.

  1. Clean the interior and exterior of your car before Chinese New Year

Following the same belief that people should clean their houses before Chinese New Year, cleaning your car’s exterior and interior has the same effect of saying goodbye to old things, bad luck and negative energy. But do remember that the car cleaning should be done just before the New Year, as cleaning and sweeping during the Spring Festival takes good luck away.

  1. Choose auspicious colors

Buying a completely new car can be a way to increase fortune in an impactful way- and car color can be a huge part of the choice. As a car is also one of the largest colored items people can buy, people believe the more luck it can attract.

In Chinese traditions, red is the most popular color as it symbolizes the fire element in Feng Shui, bringing good fortune, prosperity and scaring away evil spirits. And a red car is thought to do the same.

And another lucky option, yellow represents the element of earth in the Chinese beliefs.  It symbolizes power, prosperity and good luck. To celebrate this, Nissan Kicks e-POWER now comes in these two auspicious colors, Radiant Red and Sunlight Yellow for extra luck in 2021!


  1.  Keep Oranges

In Chinese culture, oranges are symbols of prosperity, and therefore synonymous with Chinese New Year. Many people use oranges as decorations at home as the color symbolizes riches and good fortune. To bring this to your life, simply place a pair of oranges/mandarins on your car dashboard during New Year bring you and your car good luck. To step up the prosperity game, Nissan Kicks e-POWER is also available in Monarch Orange color to ensure you are always surrounded by good luck!

  1.  Avoid Sharp Objects

Ancient Chinese beliefs dictate that sharp objects are seen to ‘cut’ the good energy and blessings away. So keep all sharp objects from sight, and do not use them on the first day of the New Year – this includes in your car.

  1.  Service your Car

If your car hasn’t been to the service center for a while, it is a good time to schedule an appointment just before Chinese New Year to put all your driving worries aside during the holidays. To add to your luck, Nissan guarantees a car wash and vacuum before returning it to you so it can be ready for Chinese New Year, and all year round too.  For more information about Nissan Maintenance Service, please visit this link.

  1.  Put something red in your car

If you have a red or yellow car on the outside, your luck can be increased by also bringing the lucky red color inside your car. Think of hanging a red luck emblem on your car key chain for example, to represent the luck and money that red symbolizes.

  1.  Open car windows to bring in luck

A popular belief during lunar New Year is to open the windows of your home to bring luck and prosperity to those living inside. In the same way, opening your car windows during this celebration is believed to bring luck to the car’s owner.

An easy way to do this is to open your car windows slightly when you are driving, or simply turn your AC on strongly, for a short period over New Year.


  1. Keep water in the front of your car


Water portrays clarity and cleansing in the Chinese culture, which is why it is important that you put a bottle of water in the front of your car. This popular Feng Shui tip for car owners, advises to keep a bottle of water near the front of your car. The reason not to leave the water in your backseat is that according to Yin and Yang, water near the back of a house is bad feng shui, which could apply to your car as well.

“Chinese new year is a time for new beginnings, family, new luck and prosperity and letting go of the previous year. On behalf of Nissan Thailand, we wish you blessings for the lunar new year of the metal Ox,” shares Ramesh Narasimhan, President of Nissan Thailand.



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