IIM – Inside the Head by Kenji Sugiyama

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IIM – Inside the Head

by Kenji Sugiyama

La Lanta Fine Art

June 11 – July 27, 2022

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Kenji Sugiyama returns to Bangkok after his debut at La Lanta Fine Art in 2015. The new exhibition titled “IIM – Inside the Head” is part of his continued series “Institute of Intimate Museums (IIM)” where he presents a clever twist of traditional diorama art depicting miniature world of art lovers looking at shrunken art inside a lilliputian museum. Over the years, Sugiyama’s work has received sensational reviews from the international press.

The exhibition “IIM – Inside the Head” pursues Sugiyama’s signature methodology – the intimate universe reveals only when the viewer approaches the work for close inspection. The most visually complex piece in this exhibition involves an angled mirror which doubles the miniature world. Sugiyama’s exquisite detail can be seen in his recreation of the art world’s hallowed halls, covering them in everything from inlaid wooden floors to dated wallpaper.

In the same genre, Sugiyama presents smaller installations of boxes containing a miniature library filled with books. Standing tall on the box is a figure of a contemporary person. The assemble makes reference to people’s memory and historical records with a library full of books under their feet,

In the new work “Mind Palace“, Sugiyama looks inward into his mind. The work contains miniature books that represent the artist’s cognitive brain and his memory in the hope of a brighter future.

Sugiyama’s body of work is about seeing and remembering experiences.

“Institute of Intimate Museums” exhibition will be on display at La Lanta Fine Art from June 11 until July 27, 2022. The artist reception will be held on Saturday June 11 from 5 pm to 7 pm.

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