K18 ushers in new era of hair health with launch of high-performance biotech haircare brand in Thailand

K18 ushers in new era of hair health with launch of high-performance biotech haircare brand in Thailand

BANGKOK, Thailand, 21 February 2024 – K18, the high-performance biotech haircare brand that clinically reverses hair damage in four minutes, today announced its official launch in Thailand, in partnership with Thailand’s no. 1 professional hair care distributor, Global Style Trading.

K18 unlocks new solutions to the biggest challenge in hair care and the secret is in its patented K18Peptide™, which is clinically proven to reverse hair damage in four minutes. K18 works from within, restoring hair to its original strength and elasticity. This revolutionary approach is achieved through biomimetics, the practice of learning from and mimicking nature. Inspired by the natural structure of keratin, K18Peptide™ is perfectly sized and structured to seamlessly fit into and repair damaged keratin chains, delivering lasting results.

K18Peptide™ was developed by applying computer models with a sequenced analogy used in biotech to alter the molecular structure of human hair. The peptide contains a unique amino acid sequence that works on a molecular level to restore hair back to like new with added strength and elasticity. By reaching the innermost layers of hair and reconnecting broken keratin chains that are a result of bleaching, chemical dyes, or heat damage, the peptide provides lasting renewal instead of temporarily patching damage like most traditional hair care products on the market.

K18 utilizes biomimetics, the practice of learning from and mimicking nature, in creating K18’s unparalleled ‘Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask’ formula. Imitating the natural structure of keratin building blocks (amino acid sequences), the K18 bioactive peptide is the perfect size and molecular structure to seamlessly fit in and reconnect broken keratin chains. Recognized as natural by the hair, it’s not washed away by water or shampoo like traditional bonding agents.

“Nature is the best designer, and we’ve found by understanding the biology of hair you can achieve results that consumers have always wanted; true hair health and full expression with less frustration and damage,” said Suveen Sahib, Founder of K18. “No one should have to choose between healthy hair and hair that looks the way they want it to. We are ready to share this innovation with even more customers in Thailand and are very excited that Global Style Trading sees the value of molecular hair repair that actually works with all types of hair.”

K18’s products are vegan, cruelty-free, and color safe. They are also dermatologically tested and safe for all hair types.

In addition to its Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask, K18 product range are available in the professional and consumer space, including Professional Molecular Repair Hair Mist, Professional Molecular Repair Hair Mask, Peptide Prep Pro Chelating Hair Complex, K18 Molecular Repair Hair Oil, as well as PH Maintenace, and Detox shampoo. K18 products are now available at leading salons and select leading stores including Sephora, Lazada and Shopee.

For more information, please visit https://www.instagram.com/k18thailand/ and https://www.facebook.com/K18Thailand

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About K18

K18 is a biology-first hair care brand, powered by biotech. Using the power of nature and human biology, K18 unlocks new solutions to the biggest challenges in hair care — all while delivering a healthy canvas for hair expression. Created with over a decade of bioscience research, K18 creates purposeful products that are simple, effective, and biocompatible.

Please visit https://www.k18hair.com/

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