K!nkyBKK X-tend, PULSE Clinic, Silom 23th December, 2022 through 28th February, 2023


K!nkyBKK X-tend, PULSE Clinic, Silom

23th December, 2022 through 28th February, 2023

Bangkok – December 14 2022– Following the phenomenal success of the K!NKYBKK exhibition, PULSE Clinic and PULSE Gallery are delighted to announce K!NKYBKK X-tend, an exhibition that invites our community to explore our fantasies at deeper levels through art, performances and expression, launching December 23rd, 2022, at PULSE Gallery, Silom.

“After seeing the positive social impact of our first K!NKYBKK exhibition, we decided to continue the conversation and have fun with K!NKYBKK X-tend”, says Dr.Deyn, PULSE Gallery’s founder and curator. “Through this extended exhibition of kinky art we provide a safe space for all of us to be ourselves with opportunity for open discussion with your partner, lover or anonymous playmates and new friends. Keep our minds open and unlock our deepest desires and darkest fantasies. We can develop a strong connection with intimacy that will lead us to self and social acceptance, and true improvement.”

What’s new? In this event PULSE Clinic and PULSE Gallery are also featuring artists such as Gastby Lim, a kink artist who embraces the beauty of intimacy and the male body through shibari. Also joining is Marla Bendini, a trans woman and multi-disciplinary artist, who documents her rises and falls of being a woman through her unique and outstanding work. Myrtille Tibayrenc, the well-known Chiang Mai based French artist, currently showing in the Bangkok Art Biennale 2022, will be showcased, as well.

You’re invited to the Exhibition Opening Party December 23rd at PULSE Gallery, Silom. 7pm till late with shibari and drag performances.

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Gastby Lim (Lucas, 2022)

Gastby Lim (Stephane and Kyle, 2022)

Marla Bendini (Smiling Goat, 2022)

Myrtille Tibayrenc (7 hands, 2022)


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