Korean Air enhances operational capability with Skywise digital solutions


Korean Air enhances operational capability with Skywise digital solutions

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Bangkok, Thailand, 22 February 2024 – Korean Air has taken a significant step in ensuring safety, bolstering sustainability, and optimising operational efficiency of its engineering operations, with the selection of the Airbus Skywise Predictive Maintenance + (S.PM+) and Skywise Health Monitoring (S.HM) digital solutions.

Signed at the Singapore Airshow, the agreement covers the airline’s entire Airbus fleet, consisting of 56 aircraft, including A220s, A321neos, A330s and A380s. It also builds on the previous adoption of Skywise Core in 2021, reflecting Korean Air’s commitment to excellence in aviation maintenance.

Both S.PM and S.HM harness a wealth of advanced aircraft information, and priortise foresight over reaction. S.PM+ anticipates component failure by analysing abnormal behaviour thanks to the analysis of aircraft sensors data, while S.HM supports Line Maintenance, MCC (Maintenance Control Center) and Engineering in identifying, prioritising, handling and analysing in-service events, increasing their reactivity, efficiency and decision-making.

This means that Korean Air can proactively anticipate potential failures and mitigate Aircraft on Ground (AOG) incidents, effectively eliminating unpredictability which results in significant cost savings.

Airbus’ Skywise is the largest digital aviation community comprising several modules including reliability, predictive maintenance or health monitoring. Powered by big data, it offers unique turnkey solutions for airline operators to address their operational challenges, and shape a more sustainable way to operate and maintain Airbus aircraft.

“The Skywise digital solutions have demonstrated their effectiveness with various accurate predictive models, leading to improved reliability and operational efficiency,” said Jonghoon Oh, Head of Predictive Maintenance, Korean Air. “Our team’s primary objective is to proactively address potential issues, to minimise operational disruptions and optimise fleet performance. The capability of the Skywise digital solutions aligns seamlessly with our team’s commitment to maintain a high standard of maintenance excellence.”

“Airbus and Korean Air will embark on a transformative journey towards more environmentally responsible air travel. Their implementation of Skywise Predictive Maintenance + and Skywise Health Monitoring will enable the airline to reduce costs, enhance operational efficiency, and contribute to global efforts to reduce the aviation industry’s carbon footprint,” said Raymond Lim, Head of Airbus Services Asia-Pacific.



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