Love Frankie and the United Nations Join Forces for ‘What’s This Feeling?

Love Frankie and the United Nations Join Forces for ‘What’s This Feeling?’

Campaign to Address Pressing Mental Health Issues Among Thai Youth


Bangkok, Thailand – 10 October 2023 – Love Frankie and the United Nations Thailand announced its latest campaign “What’s This Feelisng?” (‘WTF’), dedicated to sparking critical conversations about mental wellbeing and creating safe spaces for young Thais to connect and learn more about mental health. WTF is the latest campaign under The Nook initiative which has been supporting Thai Youth since 2020 with creative content, events, workshops and resources to enhance mental health support and connection. The event was held at The Standard Hotel Bangkok Mahassnakorn ahead of the official launch of the campaign on World Mental Health Day (Oct. 10, 2023) to promote mental health as a human right for all.

About eight in ten Thais have experienced mental health issues exacerbated by the aftermath of COVID-19, according to a recent research by Mintel. Thai Gen Zs in particular are grappling with loneliness, with over one third (38%) expressing this sentiment compared to Older Millennials (26%) and Gen X (15%). Without interventions, this trend threatens to give rise to a society plagued by loneliness, depression, and aggression, ultimately hindering the country’s sustainable growth.

To shed light on the intricate dynamics of relationship-building for young Thais, The NOOK Friends community will be officially launching the mental health campaign, “What’s This Feeling?” to celebrate World Mental Health Day on October 10, 2023, in the theme of normalizing mental health as a fundamental human right for all. This vodcast series will be hosted by Pataradanai (Koen) Setsuwan, a psychotherapist and prominent Thai artist renowned for championing mental health awareness and challenging stigmas surrounding it among youth.

World Health Organization (WHO) Thailand “Mental health is an integral part of our general health and is a fundamental human right. Everyone, everywhere deserves the highest attainable standard of mental health. At a time when the need is more pressing than ever, wsse are partnering to contribute in the efforts to ensure that every young Thai is protected from mental health risks and has access to quality mental health services. This collaboration represents a crucial step in advancing mental well-being and resilience of Thai youth, helping them better connect, function, cope and thrive as they navigate the complexities of life.”- Dr. Olivia Nieveras, Medical Officer for Non-Communicable Diseases, WHO Thailand

Department of Mental Health “An important factor in facing challenges in life is Resilience or mental strength, which consists of personal aspects such as self-worth. Positivity [I am], relationships [I have], and problem-solving skills [I can]. Some youths have a lower level of mental strength than they should and are at risk of other mental health problems as well…However, this mental strength can be learned and practiced from childhood to old age. This can be done by parents, teachers, friends, and everyone in society, helping and supporting each other. The Department of Mental Health, together with other sectors in society, are continuously working together to carry out these things. and must continue to expand to a more comprehensive population especially young people.”- Dr. Terdsak Detkong, Director of the Office of International Affairs, Department of Mental Health.

Campaign Highlights include:

– “What’s This Feeling?” Vodcast series: A deep dive into the emotions and challenges faced by Thai youth in their quest for meaningful connections.

– Ongoing bite-sized digital educational content: A comprehensive resource for mental health education and awareness in collaboration with mental health experts.

– Virtual Live Talks hosted on LINE Open Chat and a safe online space for young Thais to connect about mental health topics.

– The NOOK Friends Mental Health Festival: An anticipated in-person community gathering scheduled for March 2024.


Koendanai “Mental health support should be free, accessible, and without any stigma. I’m delighted to be a part of this campaign which touches upon multiple dimensions of mental wellbeing, including discovering oneself, finding and creating meaning, and the various feelings associated with one’s life journey. I want to create an open, safe space for everyone to ask questions and dig deeper together, and invite all to join me in this adventure in the ‘What’s This Feeling?’ vlog.” Said Pataradanai (Koen) Setsuwan

Love Frankie “Love Frankie’s mission is to unite partners in this collaborative effort, centering on the mental wellbeing of Thai youth. This next phase of our partnership promises to be even more impactful, as we continue to normalize mental health conversations and resources to be accessible, relatable, and educational. Our aim is to foster empathic and inclusive communities, providing a safe space for Thai youth to explore, celebrate, and embrace their mental wellness.”- Matt Love, Director of Love Frankie

About The NOOK Friends

The NOOK Friends is a community of individuals and organizations who are passionate about promoting mental health in Thailand, powered by Love Frankie. The NOOK Friends, with the support of partners, including LINE Thailand, The Standard Hotel Bangkok, Sati App, Alrise and more, aims to normalize mental health conversations, curate resources, and foster inclusive communities online and offline in Thailand. This campaign represents a crucial step forward in addressing the mental health crisis among Thai youth and promoting mental wellbeing as an essential aspect of individual, community, and national development agendas.

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Koendanai Pataradanai Setsuwan

Dr. Terdsak Detkong
Director of the Office of International Affairs,
Department of Mental Health

Dr. Olivia Nieveras
Medical Officer for Non-Communicable Diseases,
World Health Organization (WHO) Thailand

Amornthep (Sanju) Sachamuneewongse
Founder, Sati App

(Benny) Sorracha Soponnitid

Social media manager, Love Frankie


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