Microflite orders new five-bladed H145

Microflite orders new five-bladed H145


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Bangkok, 23 June 2022 – Victoria-based premium charter and commercial aircraft operator Microflite has ordered a new five-bladed H145 as part of its fleet expansion and modernisation plan, to bolster the company’s commercial, rescue and utility operations.

Microflite is Airbus’ largest Australian civil helicopter customer. It currently operates an exclusively Airbus fleet of 19 rotorcraft, comprising the intermediate single-engine H120, H125 and H130, as well as the light twin-engine H135. The operator also has two new H130 helicopters on order, for delivery later this year.

As part of the ongoing modernisation initiative, Microflite’s current fleet of H125 and H130 are currently undergoing retrofits to be equipped with G500 TXi and Airbus’ crash resistant fuel system (CRFS), critical hallmark for enhanced safety.

“Microflite is proud to be the first Australian commercial operator to introduce the new five-bladed H145 into our product portfolio. Having experienced the quality performance of Airbus’ fleet of helicopters in our daily operations for many years, we are convinced that the H145 will be a perfect asset as we expand our utility and commercial operations,” said Jonathan Booth, Chief Executive Officer of Microflite Helicopter Services.

“We greatly appreciate Microflite’s decision to grow its fleet with Airbus aircraft. From the first H120 delivery 16 years ago, to this latest H145 order, Microflite has shown strong confidence in Airbus’ products and aftermarket services. We are proud of how these helicopters have made missions possible for Microflite,” said Christian Venzal, Managing Director of Airbus Helicopters in Australia and New Zealand.

“Safety is the ultimate priority of Airbus, and we are happy to support our customers with important enhancements that would not only improve the safety of its current fleet of aircraft, but at the same time increase operational efficiency.”

Besides operating a large fleet of Airbus helicopters, Microflite is an appointed Airbus Maintenance Centre, demonstrating its quality standards and adherence to best-in-class helicopter maintenance practices.

Most recently, the company was appointed as an Airbus pilot training centre, to provide type-rated training for H125, H130, H135 and H145.

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