Minecraft Turns 15 Xbox Celebrates with Major Sale and Freebie!

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Minecraft Turns 15

Xbox Celebrates with Major Sale and Freebie!

Recap of the Most Important Moments in Minecraft’s First 15 Years

Bangkok, Thailand, 13 June, 2024 – Minecraft just turned 15! And Xbox just celebrates this with a series of discounts, surprises, and celebrations as we look back on 15 years of Minecraft and get excited about what is to come. There’s something for everyone: experienced builders or seasoned adventurers, solo players or server socialites, content creators or avid watchers. Plus we have released a new, exclusive Character Creator item that you can claim for free! It’s up to you how you shape your world.

Get up to 50% off Minecraft games

Whether you’re thinking of trying out Minecraft, diving deeper into its universe, or introducing it to a friend, now is the time to do it because every Minecraft game features special discounts (May vary by region or platform) Get Minecraft, Minecraft Dungeons, Minecraft Legends, and more (including Deluxe and Ultimate editions!) for up to 50% off on for a limited time. Survive the night solo or build a work of art with friends, fight through action-packed levels or lead your allies in strategic battles – there’s something in the Minecraft universe for every player.

The 15th Aniversary Cape

Starting today, you can claim the exclusive anniversary cape to wear when setting out on your next adventure or on your favorite server. It’s yours to keep, so show it off however you want! Swoosh over to the redeem page to get yours!

The Most Important Moments in Minecraft’s First 15 Years

As Minecraft turns 15 years old, we wanted to take a look back. As one of the most important (and best-selling) games of all time, Minecraft and Mojang’s journey has been incredible to witness – starting as a one-person creation and blossoming into a truly world-changing proposition.

With that in mind, we thought we’d take you back over the biggest moments in Minecraft’s history, year-by-year:

2009: Launching Classic Edition

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Image credit: Jan Willem Nijman

Markus ‘Notch’ Persson started developing Minecraft, initially named “Cave Game,” and released the Classic Edition on May 16. The game allowed basic building and digging, setting the foundation for its future development.

2010: Introduction of Crafting, Minecarts, and Multiplayer

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Minecraft gained its crafting system, enhancing gameplay by allowing item creation. Minecarts were introduced for transportation, and multiplayer in Survival mode was added, fostering community play.

2011: Release of Minecraft 1.0 and First Port

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The game officially launched its 1.0 version on November 18 at Minecon 2011, featuring the Ender Dragon boss fight. Minecraft: Pocket Edition also debuted, expanding the game’s reach beyond PCs.

2012: Lego Partnership, Xbox 360 Edition, and Pretty Scary Update

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Lego released official Minecraft sets, and the Xbox 360 Edition brought the game to consoles. The Pretty Scary Update added new mobs and the Command Block, enabling complex in-game programming.

2013: Redstone Update and Horses

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The Redstone Update revolutionized in-game mechanics, allowing players to create intricate systems. The Horse Update, inspired by a community mod, introduced rideable horses.

2014: Microsoft Acquisition and Bountiful Update

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Microsoft acquired Mojang for $2.5 billion. The Bountiful Update improved game mechanics and introduced new features like floating islands and underwater temples.

2015: Record-Breaking Minecon and HoloLens Demo

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Minecon 2015 in London set a Guinness World Record for the largest single-game convention. The HoloLens demo showcased Minecraft in mixed reality, blending the game with the real world.

2016: 100 Million Sales and Education Edition

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Minecraft surpassed 100 million sales. Minecraft: Education Edition was launched to facilitate learning in classrooms through collaborative gameplay.

2017: Better Together Update and Minecraft Marketplace

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The Better Together Update enabled cross-platform play, uniting players across different devices. The Minecraft Marketplace allowed creators to monetize their custom content.

2018: Update Aquatic

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This update enhanced the underwater experience with new mobs, blocks, and treasures, enriching the game’s exploration aspects.

2019: 10-Year Anniversary and Village & Pillage Update

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The 10th anniversary featured a special map and a re-release of the Classic Edition. The Village & Pillage Update revamped villages and introduced hostile Pillagers.

2020: Nether Update and Minecraft Dungeons

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The Nether Update added new biomes and mobs to the Nether dimension. Minecraft Dungeons, an action-adventure spin-off, was released.

2021: 1 Trillion YouTube Views and Caves & Cliffs Update

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Minecraft hit 1 trillion views on YouTube. The ambitious Caves & Cliffs Update introduced new biomes and world generation features.

2022: New Default Skins and The Wild Update

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New default skins were added to diversify player avatars. The Wild Update included new biomes, ancient cities, and the formidable Warden enemy.

2023: Minecraft Legends and Trails & Tales Update

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Minecraft Legends, an action strategy spin-off, was released. The Trails & Tales Update introduced archeology, a new Cherry Blossom biome, and camels.

2024: 15th Anniversary and Future Plans

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And so we reach 2024, as Minecraft turns 15. You might think Mojang might want a bit of a break, but not so – they’ve already released the Armored Paws drop, and announced a massive birthday sale, but there’s so much more still to come. From the upcoming Tricky Trials update to secrets yet to be revealed, this 15th year is, somehow, only the beginning.

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