NocNoc More than Doubles Sales Using Machine Learning on AWS


NocNoc More than Doubles Sales Using Machine Learning on AWS

Thai ecommerce marketplace for home products and services delivers personalized shopping experiences to 16.6 million users, drives conversion rates by up to 58% with AWS

BANGKOK, Thailand—October 24, 2023— Amazon Web Services (AWS), an company, today announced that ecommerce platform NocNoc, a subsidiary of Thailand’s largest industrial conglomerate Siam Cement Group (SCG) and ThaiBev, has more than doubled its sales within a year with personalized shopping services built using AWS machine learning (ML) technology. With the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud, NocNoc has developed an online marketplace for more than 16 million users that makes renovations and shopping for homeware easier by connecting consumers with a network of suppliers, contractors, and industry experts. NocNoc’s personalized shopping service recommends products based on data like buyer purchase history and repeat orders, increasing conversion rates by up to 58%. On AWS, NocNoc has built a better understanding of customers and products using data-driven insights – like the type of product that would best fit a customer’s lifestyle or when an appliance is due for a service – to help Thais improve their homes. NocNoc plans to continue innovating to enhance its customer experience by exploring AWS’s generative AI services, including Amazon Bedrock, the easiest way to build and scale generative AI applications with foundation models.

The ASEAN home improvement market is forecasted to reach $11.8 billion in 2026, with annual growth expected to be more than 9%. NocNoc needed a highly agile and cost-efficient infrastructure environment to easily test new products, iterate rapidly, and scale to meet up to 10-fold spikes in demand for home products, like during sales events. Using Amazon Elastic Map Reduce (Amazon EMR), a cloud big data service, NocNoc built a highly scalable data platform to enhance the customer experience using data analytics and ML. NocNoc combines real-time consumer data, including purchase and transaction history, with thousands of datasets from its sellers, including appliance servicing schedules and contractor performance history. NocNoc uses this data in conjunction with Amazon Personalize, an ML service that helps companies create accurate and personalized user experiences faster at scale, to recommend relevant offerings to consumers in real-time, driving sales. These recommendations can include advice on material choice or color to renovate a room, or a reminder for consumers to service their air conditioners, and come with suggested sellers from which consumers can directly buy the product or service.

NocNoc’s data platform also helps the company to drive consumer loyalty. NocNoc built a loyalty program on AWS which has seen a 70% monthly growth in number of users since it launched in July 2023. Users earn loyalty points on the program by sharing home improvement advice on the company’s ecommerce platform. Users can redeem their points at NocNoc’s retail partners like coffee chains, and the company plans to build an application programming interface (API) on AWS to add more retail partners to the loyalty program. With Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS), a managed messaging service to engage with consumers via tailored messages, NocNoc is able to update customers about their loyalty point status or inform them about new redemption offerings like discounted coffee.

“Customers in Thailand expect a high degree of personalization granularity, where they can see recommendations based on a range of dimensions, brands, sizes, colors, shipping speeds, and more,” said Nat Wongtosrad, Chief Product Officer, NocNoc. “With AWS, we can now apply machine learning capabilities in our product innovation processes, enabling us to deliver premium consumer experiences wherever and whenever our customers choose to engage with our marketplace. NocNoc plans to continue innovating with AWS to further improve our customer experiences using services like Amazon Bedrock to build and scale generative artificial intelligence applications.”

“As the number of ways to interact with discerning shoppers grows, forward-looking ecommerce players like NocNoc recognize that profitable growth lies in harnessing the power of machine learning to proactively engage and delight consumers,” said Vatsun Thirapatarapong, Country Manager of AWS in Thailand. “Personalization is crucial to a great customer experience, and AWS will continue to help NocNoc evolve its business using cloud technology to deliver hyper-personalized offerings.”


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