Opera Siam’s COVID-19 Projects Expand Outreach

Bangkok, 8 June 2020 When the crisis caused live opera and concerts to be postponed or canceled in Thailand and around the world, Opera Siam was one of the first institutions worldwide to put up a twenty-four website replaying events from its twenty-year archive of opera, symphony, chamber music and choral events.

The initiative on OperaSiamTV.com has now expanded with four additional channels accessible from its website: a growing Educational Channel with music education programming looping twenty-four hours a day: two On Demand channels (Opera on Demand and Sinfonietta on Demand) so that viewers can watch operas and concerts at their own choice of time; and a Classical Jukebox that rotates short musical numbers throughout the day.

The latest development is original programming. Chatting with the Maestro is a program that reaches into the homes of celebrities and artists via skype to talk about coping with the crisis and hopes and dreams of the future. Recent offerings have included film director Paul Spurrier, pop star Pod Moderndog, and British choirmaster Ralph Woodward.  It’s on weekdays at 7 pm (re-run every six hours for 24-hour period.)

This week’s new offering is Ask Me Anything! a show that gives young people the chance to ask in-depth questions.  Often the answers expand on and complement what is learned in textbooks and the classroom so that the students are given more context to understand their studies.  The first show, “Tuning, Tone and Temperament” has been airing on OperaSiamTV.com’s Education Channel, accessible from the TV channel’s main page.

The lineup for weekdays on OperaSiamTV.com is:

6 pm: Mondays — Music from Rangsit; Tuesdays and Thursdays—Klassikal Kids with P’Toy; Wednesdays and Fridays — Ask Me Anything!

7 pm Weekdays — Chatting with the Maestro: Opera Siam drops in via Skype to see artists and interesting figures all over the world and chats with them about how they’re coping with COVID-19 and about their hopes and dreams for the future

8 pm Weekdays — Concert of the Day: The Maestro, or Assistant Music Director Mickey introduces as different concert each day.

Programming changes each day at 6 pm Thai Time.

On Saturdays and Sundays, an Opera of the Week is always featured.

For more information, please add on LINE using the ID @operasiam or visit www.operasiam.com or https://www.facebook.com/OperaSiam/.

Media enquiries, please contact:

Warin Pattarapatumthong (Audi)
TQPR Thailand
+66 9 8239 4544

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