Paron School of Art and Baan Rim Naam inspires creative kids to new artistic heights

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Paron School of Art and Baan Rim Naam inspires creative kids to new artistic heights

Bangkok art school teams up with historical warehouse to offer holiday programmes for families who want their kids outdoors, moving, creative and engaged in some of the skills left out by the past months of online learning.

BANGKOK, 21st JUNE 2021

MAKER’S WORKSHOP is a 5-day camp programme delivered at the beautiful Baan Rim Naam by the team behind Paron School of Art. With 40 meters of river frontage, the location offers one of Bangkok’s best naturally ventilated spaces that is suitable for families who are keen to have their kids immersed back into educational experiences with strict safe keeping protocols in place.

The programme is available for kids of 2 age groups: 8-12 and 13-18 years old and runs across multiple weeks in June-August, during the international school break.

Maker’s Workshop has an emphasis on sculpture and craft and students will be learning the basics of woodwork, card construction, clay and cement molding, tie dye, working with natural materials and weaving from subject specialists – all delivered in a way that is safe for young hands – resulting in beautiful collection of artworks, homeware and creative gifts to take home on the final day.

Paron Mead, Director at Paron School of Art says ‘online learning has been a challenging platform for much of our creative community and we understand that there are key skills related to design, 3D planning, development of motor skills, understandings of materials and collaboration have been sorely missing across the past 2 months. PSOA are countering that with a space and a programme that will awaken their senses to the broader world of creativity.’

The healing power of Art

“Across the past few months of lessened social interactions and online learning we have noticed a significant change amongst our student body. Some of our parents have been transparent about the fact that their children have been bored, noticeably less responsive and more irritable. I think they have noticed a drop in their natural creative tendencies. As a creative studio, we have been encouraged to better understand why this might be and how our programme can address these concerns.”

“Many old students returned to the subject during this time. Perhaps they seek a creative outlet but for some, they were driven by a desire to use their brains in ways that made them feel good. We have witnessed the mental health benefits of art-rich life and there’s compelling research that the arts have positive effects on mental health.”

With existing challenges of maintaining mental wellness, managing fears through the uncertainty of the pandemic, one thing is clear: it is now time to think differently about how we engage our minds. Art offers an evidence-based solution for promoting mental health. While practicing art is not the quick-fix for all mental health challenges, there’s enough evidence to support prioritizing creative engagement in our own lives at home as well as in our education systems.

Practicing art helps to activate parts of the brain that are different from those taxed by logical, linear thinking. This practice can be used to build capacity for managing our mental and emotional well being, as well as being an effective tool for mindfulness and cognitive reflection.

“A vaccination may be an essential first step to strengthening the body, but it is creative and joyous habits that will reignite the mind and soul as we reenter this next, more hopeful chapter of our lives.”

Compelling links between being outdoors and creative brain activity

There’s a growing advantage over time to being in nature. After days of getting away, disconnecting and not looking to electronic sources for stimulation is when we have extended periods of time to be softly fascinated by our outdoor natural environments. That’s when we start seeing all kinds of positive effects in how your mind works.

Outdoor, natural environments offer diverse experiences and psychologists have found that being open to experiencing new things is directly associated with one’s level of creative thinking and output. The outdoors can improve attention and boost positive emotions, especially after these past months where mental fatigue has been a very real and shared problem. Concentration can be improved by time spent in or looking at nature and attention, like any muscle, can become fatigued if sustained on one specific thing for too long. The outdoors has also been shown to help boost positive emotions like awe, wonder, contentment, connection, and just sheer fun. Not only are these enjoyable and inspirational but they also have cognitive benefits that are directly associated with creativity.

Baan Rim Naam: a hub of Bangkok’s creative spaces

“The Baan Rim Naam environment is the perfect blend between a space that is outdoors, cool and naturally ventilated, and being accessible to most families who want to be able to easily access parking facilities.

Just having that much of the river visible during the planning of our programme, and so much fabulous street art to walk past every day getting in and out of Baan Rim Naam has helped myself and the team evolve our programme planning to new creative heights and we are now so excited to offer these new workshops and art engagement opportunities for our student artists.

The space is entirely secure and safe for our team and the students and we maintain our generous 1:5 teacher: student ratio to ensure that students are not only safe but creatively cared for at every stage of their journey with us.”

“We are mindfully moving forward with our planning for the event in a way that falls well in line with government regulations. Our community voiced they are looking for a space that allowed kids to be outdoors, to be active and to engage with creative practices in a rich and interactive way. We have designed this experience very much with them in mind and couldn’t be happier to be pairing up with the Baan Rim Naam team who are offering a space that is not only well in line with our safe keeping practice during this time but is also a buzz with infectious creative energy. We factor in the healing power of art as times have certainly not been easy on anyone but hope this sort of activity will allow our minds to be free.”

Along with the art activities, students can expect to play games, be led through light exercises, enjoy the on-site garden and be guided on short art walks of the Talad Noi neighbourhood. Through a better understanding of the street art, the local culture and the river landscape, artists will respond through a guided community art project.

A new space for Paron School of Art, new materials to engage in – but a programme led by the school’s much loved studio team.


Maker’s Studio is just one of 3 Summer Camp offerings at Paron School of Art this summer. In addition:

  • Painting Camp offers art fun at the school’s Sukhumvit 26 location and invites kids age 4-18, in age appropriate groups to respond to Painting projects in acrylic, inks, gouache and watercolour.
  • Drawing Games is a new online programme which pairs a home-delivery art pack with an innovative hybrid approach to online learning with both live and pre-recorded content to enjoy.

There are always great activities and other art related happenings to be discovered at Paron School of Art. Paron warmly welcomes students of all ages and levels. The school is pleased to assist all in enhancing and bringing out their creative talents, as it believes art is meant to be fun for everyone.

All are invited to personally visit Paron School of Art (conveniently located on Sukhumvit Soi 26) or inquire about future classes on +66 (0) 89-795-8765 or email

Show off what your kids have been creating and be in with a chance to win a discounted spot on our upcoming summer camps.

  1. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and tag us in a public post.
  2. Post a photograph of something your young artists have created within the past 12 months.

Caption the photograph with a caption for your community and show us why their art education has been such an important part of their lives using the hashtag #PSOAsummerartcamp

For more picture please download here:

About MAKERS space

MAKERS space is a 5 day art programme for 8-12 and 13-18 year olds, led by Paron School of Art and delivered at Baan Rim Naam. Projects will include:

  • Creative cement crafts
  • Tie dye and cyanotype printing
  • Paper and natural paint-making
  • Ceramics, clay and candle making
  • Street-Art inspired tribal masks
  • Community woven art project

DATES: 28 June–2 July and 19-23 July camp dates are now available. August dates will be released in the first week of July. 8-12 year old camps run between 10.00-15.00 and 13-18 year old camps run between 10.15-15.15 daily.
A camp spot costs 10,500THB and includes daily lunches and snacks.

About PARON School of Art

PARON School of Art offers programs in drawing, painting and other art disciplines. Classes are designed for rich interactive learning experiences and focused on offering age-appropriate access to the subject to develop creative, perceptual, analytical skills and critical thinking abilities in young artists. PARON School of Art has programs that serve not only children and adolescents, but also for adults, experienced artists, corporate team building events and private tuition customized for students sitting examinations as well as for other general interests.

About BAAN Rim Naam

Baan Rim Naam is a 200 year old historical warehouse and is the last remaining warehouse from the early 19th century King Rama II period. The space offers 40 meters of river frontage and has spacious studios on a bamboo garden onsite. Located in Talad Noi neighbourhood, the southern part of Chinatown’s district, there are multiple trendy cafes, bars and examples of local street art in close proximity to the venue. The venue is also a short walk away from River City Bangkok Art & Antiques mall. This now award-winning space is the brainchild of Goy Siwaporn and Florian Gypser.

For further enquiries, please contact:

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Natasha Sachatheva

Tel: 02-260-5820

Mobile: 0917233408



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