Press Release: Farnam Tree Receives Green Light to operate Investment Service

Farnam Tree Receives Green Light to operate Investment Service

Global investing from Thailand with an emphasis on alignment of incentives

Bangkok, Thailand 7 July, 2022 – Farnam Tree Investment Advisory Securities (Farnam Tree), an independent investment and wealth manager, has received licenses from the Ministry of Finance and the Securities and Exchange Commission to operate an investment service.

Farnam Tree works with a range of clients including family offices, high-net-worth individuals, and businesses to invest in public markets with a long-term focus.

Investment activity is focused mainly outside of Thailand, offering local investors the opportunity to diversify globally and reduce home-country bias.

Atul Sethi, CEO of Farnam Tree, said the company’s structure and business philosophy differs from the norm in Thailand’s wealth management industry.

“Clients are used to receiving advice and service through the sale of mutual funds and other financial products: we operate differently altogether. Our pay is tied to the state and performance of investor portfolios. Farnam Tree also invests alongside clients. This makes for a much better incentive system where we can place the needs of investors first,” Atul said.

The company provides investment management services under two types of advisory mandates. One is a private fund invested in global businesses with potential for sustained long-term growth. Portfolio management services are also provided to fulfill specific needs of clients.

Global equity markets this year have been turbulent, and Atul views this as an opportunity for patient investors. “Equities are ownership slices of business, not pieces of papers and flashing symbols. Embracing this small shift in thinking can help investors be more objective and constructively approach periods like now when asset prices are temporarily marked down.”

Prior to founding Farnam Tree, Atul was part of Credit Suisse’s top-ranked Thailand research team, and spent more than a decade at the bank in its Bangkok, Singapore and Chicago offices.

Thai nationals with international experience lead Farnam Tree. Ms. Natalia Salamone, Head of Operations, previously worked with ThaiBev. She and Atul were classmates at Bangkok’s Ruamrudee International School.

To commemorate its opening, Farnam Tree is offering free portfolio reviews until the end of 2022. Prospective investors are invited to learn more at


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