Pure Perception? exhibition by By Kamin Lertchaiprasert


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Press Release

Pure Perception?

Form is Empty, Emptiness is Form


By Kamin Lertchaiprasert

11 September – 31 December 2022

Opening Reception 11 September 2022, 17:00 – 19:00 hrs.

ATTA Gallery is pleased to jointly present the last part of “Pure Perception?” Project by Kamin Lertchaiprasert with The Office of Contemporary Art and Culture and Numthong Art Space. Pure Perception? (Form is Empty, Emptiness is Form) exhibition will be held at 31st Century Museum of Contemporary Spirit (Office) at 100/6 Moo 10 Soi Wat Umong 11, Suthep Road, Chiangmai on Sunday September 11, 2022, with the opening reception from 17:00- 19:00 hrs. This project is supported by Contemporary Art Promotion Fund, Office of Contemporary Art and Culture, Numthong Art Space, ATTA Gallery.

ATTA Gallery is also happy to officially announce the partnership between the Gallery and Kamin Lertchaiprasert in a new project “Self-Enquiry” which is to begin on September 11, 2022 and to run for roughly 5 years and will be held at 31st Century Museum of contemporary Spirit (Office) at 100/6 Moo 10 Soi Wat Umong 11, Suthep Road, Chiangmai, with the opening hours of Saturdays – Tuesdays between 13:00-17:00 hrs. or by prior appointment made via phone at 061-861-6824. Moreover, during the duration of this project, ATTA Gallery will act as his primary representative for works created for “Self-Enquiry” as well as works created in the past.

To RSVP for the opening reception, please email manager@attagallrey.com or call 061-861-

6824 during 13:00-19:00 hrs. by September 7, 2022.

About the Exhibition

Form is Empty, Emptiness is Form (Wave-Particle Duality)

The beauty that cannot be seen, or

the beauty that is seen, but not perceived or understood.

The beauty that is inherent in all things,

yet we never contemplate whether it is beautiful or ugly.

For it is so ordinary and natural that we are not aware,

of its value and existence.

For it is so ubiquitous, just like the water (H2O) and air

around and within us.

poster kamin-01.jpg For it is so indispensable, we cannot do without,

because it is an inseparable part of our lives.

Once we recognize the value of its existence,

it transforms into a particle and a force of life,

just like how a wave, when consciously observed or measured,

turns into a particle (wave function collapse).

Once we truly understand the intrinsic beauty of all things,

we also turn the inherent energy of matter,

into tangible particles, into loving-kindness.

Only then can we become one with nature,

when there is neither the observer nor the observed (quantum superposition).

For the Tao that can be told is not the real Tao.

It is the same with love, loving-kindness, and true beauty,

which cannot be told, nor explained in words.

11-16 August 2022

About “Self-Enquiry” project conducted in partnership with ATTA Gallery

Since I was young, I have grappled with existential questions. Why are we born? What is life? What is the real meaning of life? These questions set me on a path of artistic exploration that I have followed until now. Throughout the past fifty-eight years, I have discovered that art is a process of understanding self, society, and nature—though, I must say that I’m still a novice at it myself, not yet sure of my own understanding.

The Self-Enquiry project is a continuation of that quest to learn and also a reevaluation of the lessons I’ve garnered over all these years. In an attempt to deepen my understanding, I will revisit my past works and analyze them using knowledge drawn from different disciplines, including philosophy, religion, science, and analytical psychology, to name but a few. Such an approach allows meaning to be reinterpreted, thus generating a new perception or language that may facilitate communication within our society and help develop a shared understanding. Ultimately, I have realized that we must deconstruct the artistic, or aesthetic, value structure in order to concretely understand creative processes (aesthetic mechanisms) and how the mind perceives the beauty of life.

The exhibition Form is Empty, Emptiness is Form signifies a bardo, an intermediate state of existence between death (the past) and rebirth (the future). Though it is the fourth and final exhibition of Pure Perception?, it also marks the beginning of Self-Enquiry, which is set to launch on September 11, 2022, at the 31st Century Museum of contemporary spirit.(office) This new project will hold rotating exhibitions every three to four months, running for approximately five years.

My primary objective for this project is to look inward to better understand myself. Whether others realize the value of life or the real state of being through this project is a matter of fate; some may find themselves living the rest of their lives more consciously, with the sincerity and pure mind that can only be achieved through the discovery of inner truth and inherent wisdom.

Kamin Lertchaiprasert


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