Salesforce Brings Latest Trusted CRM Innovations to Thailand to Help Enterprises Unlock AI Potential

Salesforce Brings Latest Trusted CRM Innovations to Thailand to Help Enterprises Unlock AI Potential

New Thai country leader to build deeper partnerships with Thai businesses as part of the AI era

BANGKOK – MAY 14, 2024 – Salesforce has today announced the availability of new trusted CRM innovations for organisations in Thailand to unlock AI’s full potential.

Data Cloud Spring ‘24 Release, includes new innovations to make data in Data Cloud more actionable in every Salesforce application and workflow. Salesforce is also launching Zero Copy Partner Network, an ecosystem committed to building secure, bidirectional zero copy integrations with Salesforce Data Cloud, so that data can be actioned across the Salesforce Einstein 1 Platform. Enterprises need a unified and trustworthy data foundation to realise the full potential of AI, and this includes controlling how their data is used, integrated, and accessed.

Einstein Copilot, Salesforce’s conversational AI assistant for CRM, is now generally available. Einstein 1 Studio, a set of low-code AI tools for customising Einstein Copilot and embedding AI into any CRM app, is now available in beta.

Strengthening leadership in Thailand

Thailand’s economy continues to be fuelled by digital growth, with the market value of the digital economy projected to exceed 100 billion USD or 3.7 trillion THB in 2030. Salesforce Thailand has also appointed Ms. Thitirat Tongtavorn as the new Country Leader to partner with Thai businesses on their transformation journey to achieve business value with AI. Ms Thitirat most recently led the Enterprise sales team at Salesforce, helping businesses scale their CRM and cloud transformation. Under Ms. Thitirat’s leadership, Salesforce aims to redefine customer engagement with AI CRM and data technology to unlock growth opportunities for enterprises in Thailand of all sizes and industries.

“Our vision has always been to help Thai businesses connect with their customers in a whole new way. We plan to serve more customers across more industries in Thailand to help them deepen their adoption of Salesforce and to realise better business outcomes”, said Ms. Thitirat Tongtavorn, Country Leader, Salesforce Thailand. “Our new innovations are providing the opportunity for Thai businesses to build a strong foundation with CRM and data for more meaningful results with AI. This will better position Thai businesses to remain competitive and succeed.”

Building a strong foundation of CRM and data 

Rabbit Life Insurance Assurance Public Company Limited (“Rabbit Life”) is a leading insurance company offering life insurance products. Rabbit Life is using Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Tableau to better understand their customers and deliver better products and experiences. This is providing a solid foundation for future transformations as they build a single view of their customer.

“As a prominent player in the insurance industry, we use Salesforce solutions to enhance our customer-centric approach. Understanding the evolving needs, behaviour, and expectations of our client is crucial to delivering tailored products and insurance policies that they want”, said Ms. Theerada Kumnerdmoh, Chief Agency Officer at Rabbit Life Insurance PLC. “Rabbit Life is focused on delivering accessible insurance that meets the needs of our customers at every stage of their life and caters to different consumer lifestyles. Salesforce helps us deliver a better customer experience while improving our operational efficiency.”

“Management can now quickly go from insights to action with Tableau dashboards that visualise partner and agent compensation. We look forward to further developing our partnership with Salesforce as we continue to better serve our customers and build higher value relationships with them” Ms. Theerada, concluded.

Newly released innovations include:

Einstein 1 Studio enables Salesforce admins and developers to customise Einstein Copilot and seamlessly embed AI across any app for every customer and employee experience. It includes Copilot Builder for creating custom AI actions to accomplish specific business tasks, Prompt Builder for building and activating custom prompts in the flow of work, and Model Builder, where users can build or import a variety of AI models. Einstein 1 Studio addresses IT team capacity challenges to meet business digital transformation demands.

Data Cloud Spring ‘24 Release

Einstein 1 Studio is deeply integrated with Data Cloud, Salesforce’s hyperscale data engine, which unlocks and unifies trapped data and grounds AI models with a comprehensive understanding of customer data and metadata.

Data Cloud makes it possible to connect data from any data source and use it within the applications that business users need to use every day. This is possible because Data Cloud is built on Salesforce’s foundational metadata layer, which provides a common language that integrates all Salesforce applications and low-code platform services.

Salesforce announced the Data Cloud Spring ‘24 Release, which includes new innovative features to make data in Data Cloud more usable across Salesforce’s CRM applications and platform services.

Features like Data Cloud Related Lists enable companies to immediately enrich their leads, contacts, and account-records with real-time engagement data, while Data Cloud Copy Fields make it possible to expose insights generated in Data Cloud in core CRM, eliminating the need for complex data integrations. Data Spaces allows customers to logically segregate data, metadata, and processes for departmental, regulatory, and compliance needs. Model Builder allows companies to build their own predictive AI models trained on Data Cloud data or select from LLMs managed by Salesforce or bring their own models for generative AI.

Einstein Copilot is a new customisable, conversational, and generative AI assistant for CRM. Einstein Copilot is natively embedded across Salesforce applications to deliver a consistent user experience that can answer questions, generate content, and dynamically automate any action to deliver better productivity, deeper customer relationships, and higher margins.

Unlike other AI assistants or copilots that lack adequate company data to generate useful responses, Einstein Copilot enables Salesforce customers to generate responses using their own private and trusted data, while maintaining strict data governance and without requiring expensive AI model training.

This is made possible by combining a conversational UI, a foundational large language model, and trusted company data that enables Salesforce users to tap into the power of generative AI and interact with their applications in entirely new ways.

Salesforce customers can access Einstein Copilot by upgrading to Einstein 1 editions of Salesforce that include Data Cloud, AI, and CRM in a single offering.

Zero Copy Partner Network is a global ecosystem of technology and solution providers featuring initial partners AWS, Databricks, Google Cloud, Snowflake, and new member Microsoft which are all committed to securing bidirectional zero copy data integrations with Salesforce Data Cloud so that data can be actioned across the Salesforce Einstein 1 Platform. Zero copy integration offers a more efficient, secure, and user-friendly way to connect data to business applications, allowing organisations to maintain governance and security and deliver trusted insights.

“Our newest innovations enable our customers to unify their CRM data with customer data sitting in corporate and legacy systems, data lakes and warehouses– without having to move or copy that data — to ultimately drive better AI in the natural flow of work, resulting in deeper customer relationships. This makes for meaningful next steps to create value for those same customers, and in a trusted manner,” said Mr. Rabos Suvanamas, Solutions Lead, Salesforce Thailand.


  • Salesforce Data Cloud is generally available today.
  • Zero copy integration with Snowflake and Google BigQuery is available today. Zero copy integration with Databricks and Amazon Redshift is in pilot today, and will be generally available later this year.
  • Einstein 1 Studio with Prompt Builder and Model Builder are now generally available globally. Copilot Builder is available in beta globally.
  • Einstein Copilot is now generally available in English.

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