“Second Life” exhibition by Sakarin Krue-on and Jarupatch Achavasmit at Warin Lab

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Sakarin Krue-on


Jarupatch Achavasmit

Warin Lab Contemporary

August 10 – October 14, 2023

“Second Life” is a collaboration project where Jarupatcha Achavasmit took the artwork of Sakarin Krue-On onto her loom and weaved into it a new life.  After Sakarin’s photographic installation entitled “Chronicle of the Landscape” at Warin Lab Contemporary had come to an end, the gallery was safekeeping the exhibit materials for a year. As time grew older, one question grew louder: what will become of an artwork when it has already delivered what was primarily expected of it?  In this case, Jarupatcha came in at the right time as one of many possible answers: she deconstructed the artwork and reconstructed it anew.

In 2022, the exhibition “Chronicle of the Landscape” by Sakarin Krue-On was on display. Encapsulated within 3 landscape installations are man-made terrains in Ratchaburi province which were irreversibly transformed. All taken at eye level, these high-resolution photographs were meticulously printed to ensure that their realism is faithfully depicted through the most optimal perspective, as if one is standing at the location in the flesh. It was important for them to be monumental in size because it was intended to engulf the viewer, sweeping them off their feet and blurring their perception between reality and make believe.

Warin Lab Contemporary’s mission is to communicate the idea of sustainability and environmental conservation through inventive curatorial projects. It is significant for the gallery to also instigate action. However, some customized exhibiting media are not always salvageable or collectible, leaving behind the retired artwork. With the uniquely adaptable and generous nature of the articles from “Chronicle of the Landscape”, as well as Sakarin himself, Warin Lab Contemporary was able to open new doors which led to a collaborative exhibition where novel artworks ensue a “Second Life” begins.

With textile art as her forte, Jarupatcha Achavasmit excels at integrating shards into shapes. With every strand that would constitute a whole weave, her approach tends to focus on small-scale details, and then proceed to arrange their placement into a big picture. For Jarupatcha, every whole comprises a multitude of fragments, and the seamless printed canvases from “Chronicle of the Landscape” are no exception. With her eyes, she witnesses their delineation and materiality; with her hands, she adopts them by interlacing and reinvigorating them with her creativity. “To weave is to bond”, Jarupatcha remarks. Every intersecting stripe and strand are exposed to one another, and eventually married into a complete tapestry of recital. Realizing that her materials were “alive” before, it is important for her to honor both Sakarin’s effort as well as her own.

As an alternative to appreciating the art installation of “Second Life” as a co-created project, one can also regard it as an enterprise that had undergone a rite of passage. Jarupatcha continued Sakarin’s legacy by interacting and reinterpreting in both material and conceptual state. For her, nature is extremely resilient; regardless of life condition, it attempts to rebalance and flourish indefinitely. On the other hand, inanimate objects and materials cannot emulate such vigor. Humans are, therefore, needed in this equation towards sustainability. It is with this in mind that Jarupatcha took the first life to then transition into a second one. Imbued with the tenacity to live a life again, “Second Life” is a reanimation of its preceding cycle, a rightfully remarkable life of its own.

Artwork Description:

  1. Mutation, 2023

Material: canvas, recycle PET yarn, recycle wool, 100% brass fabric

Dimension: variable

  1. Colony, 2023

Material: canvas, recycle PET yarn, 100% copper fabric

Dimension: variable

  1. Variant, 2023

Material: canvas, recycle PET yarn, 100% stainless fabric

Dimension: variable

“Second Life” exhibition is on display from August 10 to October 14, 2023 at Warin Lab Contemporary located at OP Garden, 4 Charoenkrung Road soi 36, Bangrak, Bangkok. Opening hours: 10.30 – 19.30 hrs.



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