Stage Fright”, A Solo Exhibition by Wantaya Thitipaisal at Richard Koh Fine Art Bangkok

Press Release

24 July 2023

“Stage Fright” by Wantaya Thitipaisal

5 Aug – 2 Sept 2023

Richard Koh Fine Art Bangkok

Peterson Building, 712/1, 9F, Sukhumwit Road

Richard Koh Fine Art Bangkok is delighted to announce the upcoming exhibition “Stage Fright“, featuring the latest body of work by acclaimed artist Wantaya Thitipaisal. The exhibition will run from 5th August to 2nd September 2023 at Richard Koh Fine Art’s Bangkok gallery.

Stage Fright” is a captivating collection of thought-provoking artworks meticulously crafted over the course of a year. This series delves into the profound intricacies of ambiguity and self-negotiation while exploring the impact of privacy on human relationships. Thitipaisal skillfully blurs the lines between public exposure and private censorship, inviting viewers to contemplate the delicate balance of decision-making in uncertain circumstances.

Each canvas embodies a unique presence, with brushstrokes, colour choices, and corrections representing moments of hesitation between abstraction and figuration. An abstraction is a form of censorship, shielding the artist’s private self while granting viewers the freedom to interpret and engage with their own thoughts and emotions.

The subject matter of “Stage Fright” revolves around the complexities of day-to-day interactions, ranging from gossip and rumours to cultural myths, social constructs, virtues, and introspective acts of self-reflection, penance, remorse, and repentance. This collection exudes a touch of postmodern sensibility, drawing inspiration from actual events, places, and everyday experiences.

The symbolic use of stages acts as a foundation for the artworks, manifesting as platforms, walls, cage-like structures, fences, and floors. Despite their diverse forms, each step symbolizes a space to stand upon, meticulously arranged as dioramas with focused lights casting an evocative glow upon them.

Join us at Richard Koh Fine Art Bangkok as we embark on a journey into the profound world of “Stage Fright“, exploring the interplay of art and meaning, ambiguity, and self-discovery.

About the artist;

Wantaya Thitipaisal or Arm Wantaya is a self-taught artist from Nonthaburi, Thailand.After graduating from Raffles Design College in 2006, he went on to study Multimedia at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, before voluntarily leaving the field of advertising in 2018 to focus solely on his artwork.

Working across several disciplines (painting, ceramic and moving image) Wantaya’s work explores themes of dialogue and assimilation. Subject matters are drawn from the mundanity of everyday life to pressing and complex socio-political issues, each piece an intimate reflection of the artist’s cognisance.

For hi-res images or more information about the show, please contact Win at or +66 95 952 9427 or TQPR Thailand, Nuie Titichayapon,


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