TADA Officially Launches its Innovative Zero-Commission Model, Set to Disrupt Ride-Hailing Service in Thailand


TADA Officially Launches its Innovative Zero-Commission Model, Set to Disrupt Ride-Hailing Service in Thailand

Special launch promotions in Bangkok for all users
And sustainable earning opportunities for Thai Drivers.

BANGKOK, THAILAND (28 February 2024) — TADA, the Singapore-Headquartered zero commission ride-hailing platform, is pleased to announce its official launch in Thailand today. The launch underscores TADA’s unwavering commitment to extend its proven formula for success in Singapore to Thailand and more countries, ensuring safe and enjoyable rides at fair fares; supported by special discounts and promotions that all TADA users can enjoy.

This launch marks an important step in TADA’s mission to make mobility accessible and create meaningful income uplifts through distributing value created fairly between the platform, passengers and drivers. It comes after TADA sustained a market share that is continuously growing even after 5 years of operating in Singapore, Cambodia, and Vietnam, demonstrating its dedication to offering high-quality, accessible transportation for all.

“TADA’s focus on Thailand isn’t only about growth, it is also about promoting cooperation and integrating our services seamlessly within the country,” said Mr. Sean Kim, CEO of TADA. “Our Thailand team was established in 2023 and underscores the company’s dedication to providing services to address the needs of people in the country. This expansion is more than just growing our reach; it’s about bringing a new paradigm in the mobility industry to build and support win-win communities.”

TADA is a part of the larger MVLLABS Group, a blockchain-based mobility company, that was founded by Mr. Kay Woo. It has also developed the ONiON electric vehicle which has successfully completed a pilot project with Thailand’s CP Group.

From today until 31 March 2024, the special launch referral program rewards new users with an 80 Baht voucher for their first ride by using this referral code during registration [Referral Code: IJOLNZ], from 28 February onwards. Users who refer new friends to take a TADA trip will receive a 60 Baht discount voucher for each friend.

TADA will also have a Special Launch Promotion for all users to receive up to 300 Baht off their TADA rides, using this voucher code [TADA60]. Riders can redeem 60 Baht off each ride for use on their rides, for up to five rides in total. This promotion runs from 28 February 2024 until 31 March 2024.

As a credible and proven operator, TADA is one of five ride-hailing platforms licensed by Singapore’s Land Transport Authority (LTA), where it has been serving commuters in Singapore for over five years. Its engagement with Thailand’s Department of Land Transport (DLT) started in 2023 with TADA officially granted a ride-hailing license by DLT early this year.

At the heart of TADA’s unique approach is its innovative zero-commission model. TADA is expected to further increase driver registrations, marking the beginning of a new era of zero-commission opportunities for Thai drivers.

Through partnerships with leading taxi companies in Thailand, TADA targets bringing on board more drivers through this integrated process that invites all interested individuals to download the TADA application for drivers and start the registration process. Drivers can also visit the TADA Driver Centre situated in No. 2322, 2nd floor, Soi Pracha Songkhro, Din Daeng, Bangkok 10400 for onboarding.

TADA believes in offering a ride-hailing experience that’s fair and equitable to everyone involved. Its promise and commitment to fairness and empowerment has been part of the company’s core values from day one. By taking only a small platform fee instead of a commission, TADA is able to offer stable, equitable fares to its passengers. This strategic commitment will help the company create a more transparent, and financially rewarding transportation network in Thailand.

“This launch reflects TADA’s broader vision of transforming the ride-hailing industry in Thailand into a more equitable space where technology serves consumers, rather than for just profit alone. TADA drivers are our partners, and TADA believes they should enjoy a sustainable livelihood. With the company’s zero-commission policy, drivers can build a more consistent revenue stream while passengers can enjoy more affordable fares without compromising quality,” Mr. Sean Kim, added.

TADA also intends to launch motorcycle ride-hailing service and other services that are projected to begin in 2024.


About TADA

TADA is a zero-commission ride-hailing platform operating in Singapore, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Part of the group of companies under MVLLABS Pte. Ltd., TADA is known for its relentless pursuit of innovation, customer satisfaction, and fairness for drivers. With a growing presence in Southeast Asia, TADA continues to redefine transportation for a new era.

For more information, please visit www.tada.global or contact Enquiries_TH@tada.global.

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