Three unique things that make the all-new Nissan KICKS e-POWER so distinctive

Beyond daring design, three of the most innovative technologies put KICKS e-POWER in a class of its own

BANGKOK, Thailand (August 10, 2020) – The all-new Nissan KICKS e-POWER,        a compact SUV that gives drivers the power and performance of an electric car without the need for external charging, recently debuted in Thailand. It is the first compact-SUV equipped with e-POWER, the revolutionary electrified powertrain first introduced by Nissan that has received a number of awards, and made here in Thailand for local customers and export markets.

This newest vehicle in the Nissan Thailand family represents the best of Nissan Intelligent Mobility: the Intelligent Power from its e-POWER technology; the Intelligent Driving from a full suite of advanced safety technologies; and its smooth and seamless Intelligent Integration with several smartphone features.

Here are just three of the top reasons why Nissan KICKS and its e-POWER technology stand out:

  1. ePOWER brings a 100% electric drive experience, without the need for external charging
  • With Nissan’s proprietary e-POWER technology, customers receive all the benefits of a full electric drive experience – including quiet operation, strong torque and acceleration – without the need to charge externally.
  • e-POWER is Nissan’s latest technological advancement that derives from its extensive EV technology, perfected in the world-famous Nissan LEAF. The all-new Nissan KICKS e-POWER has multiple modes to make driving easier and more pleasurable, including Normal, Smart, Eco and EV mode, which uses stored electric battery power only.
  • With e-POWER, customers do not have to worry about external charging.  This means that people who live in condominiums can enjoy a fully electric driving experience without the need for any charging infrastructure.
  • One of the prime advantages of the all-new Nissan KICKS e-POWER is its stable lithium-ion battery technology that brings better power efficiency as a single cell has a longer charge retention than other battery types – meaning less maintenance for vehicle owners.
  1. Stressfree and safe city drives with ‘Onepedal’ and other intelligent features
  • The all-new Nissan KICKS e-POWER is equipped with Nissan’s exclusive ‘One-pedal’.  This allows drivers to accelerate and decelerate using just one pedal. This creates a much easier driving experience, particularly in heavy city traffic.
  • The vehicle has an impressive package of Nissan Intelligent Mobility technologies, including Intelligent Forward Collision Warning (IFCW), Intelligent Emergency Braking (IEB) and Blind Spot Warning System (BSW). These are always active and help mitigate potential collisions before they happen.  Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC), Intelligent Trace Control (ITC), and six SRS airbags work behind the scenes to keep the occupants of the vehicle safe and prevent or mitigate any possible harm to the driver or passengers.
  • The all-new Nissan KICKS is the only EV able to park in neutral, using the ‘N-Hold’ mode.  This is especially helpful in major cities like Bangkok, where drivers need to park in front of other vehicles. This underscores the attention Nissan pays to ensuring product development is consistent with customer preferences in each country.
  1. Lower ownership costs, heightened peace of mind
  • The all-new Nissan KICKS e-POWER offers the best of both worlds: reduced maintenance due to the e-POWER engine, and low upkeep for its small gasoline engine.
  • Nissan KICKS e-POWER brings excellent fuel efficiency as the e-POWER system’s gasoline engine is strictly for electrical power generation with minimal influence from the opening and closing of the throttle, always allowing optimum engine operation.
  • Nissan gives peace of mind to every all-new Nissan KICKS e-POWER customer through its lithium-ion battery warranties of up to 10 years or 200,000 km that cover longevity, durability, and high-quality performance. The rest of the e-POWER powertrain and electric components[1] also have warranties for up to five years or 100,000 km, with no need for maintenance or fluid and filter change. *


Interested customers can now book their all-new Nissan KICKS e-POWER at their nearest authorized Nissan dealer. They can also contact the Nissan Call Center on 02 401 9600, or visit the Nissan in Thailand website.


* ePOWER systems warranty is for a period of five years or a driving distance of 100,000 kilometers (from date of delivery) or whichever comes first. And the lithiumion battery warranty is for a period of 10 years or a driving distance of 200,000 kilometers (from date of delivery) or whichever comes first. The lithiumion battery extended warranty is from the 6th year to the 10th year, by increasing the driving distance from 100,000 kilometers to 200,000 kilometers. Customers are allowed to replace batteries due to damage one time only.



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[1] including the motor, invertor, and generator

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