Vanishing Point”, sculpture exhibition by Xin Chaikul & Worasit Kileksi at Alliance Française, Chiang Mai


Sculpture exhibition by Xin Chaikul & Worasit Kileksi

Curated by Myrtille Tibayrenc (Toot Yung)

12 Aug – 30 Sept 2023

Alliance Française, Chiang Mai

Opening reception: Saturday August 12th from 6pm

The Alliance Française of Chiang Mai is pleased to present “Vanishing Point” which gathers the recent works of young Thai artists Xin Chaikul and Worasit Kileksi. Both artists take a fresh visual interpretation on Buddhist precepts, using raw, natural or recycled materials. The extreme simplicity of the shapes and materials brings the viewer to meditate on the essential and reminds us the humble place humans occupy in the living world.

Xin Chaikul

b.2000 Phayao, Thailand (Currently living in Chiang Mai)

Faculty of Fine Arts Chiang Mai University – Bachelor 2023 Sculpture

Ephemerality, transience, are central to Xin’s making process. Will it be ancient teak wood carved for months or a simple vegetable scripted with Buddhist sayings, the relation to time is crucial. Her installations and sculptures invite the viewer to contemplate the transitory nature of life and embrace the preciousness of each moment.

For this exhibition Xin will showcase a new set of scripted vegetables as well as her diploma piece “Beginner’s Mind” consisting of 16 teak wood carvings.

Worasit Kileksi

b.1988 Roi Et, Thailand (Currently living in Chiang Mai)

Bunditpatanasilp Institute of fine arts – Bachelor 2019 Ceramic.

Worasit’s work is simple and raw. Either using recycled material or natural terra cotta technique, the minimalism of his shapes evokes primitive Buddhist folk art. The ancestral terra cotta technique allows him to integrate the making process as part of his artwork. The transitory states of the raw clay, its malleability as it is humid, then dries and is finally burned, encapsulates the four elements and the basic Buddhist principle of impermanence.

For this exhibition Worasit will showcase a new set of terra cotta sculptures as well as his “Buddha” figures made from recycled material.

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