WILD WILD WORLD, A solo exhibition by LAUDINE DUBEAUX at Alliance française de Chiang Mai

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Description automatically generated with medium confidenceWILD WILD WORLD

A solo exhibition by LAUDINE DUBEAUX

Curated by Myrtille Tibayrenc

10 Feb – 24 Mar 2024

Opening reception

Saturday February 10th from 6PM

Alliance française de Chiang Mai

138 Charoen Prathet Rd. Tel: 053 275 277

9.30 AM – 12 PM 2 – 6.30 PM Closed Sunday


Wild Wild World is Laudine Dubeaux’s first solo exhibition in Thailand. It features an ensemble of silkscreen prints, original drawings, works on wood and painted objects.

DUBEAUX’s art is bitter sweet; it draws from fairy tale and personal emotions alike. The childish world of fantasy contrasts the gripping interaction between characters forming a lush image filled with metaphors.

Living in Thailand for almost two decades, she likes to infuse her work with local folk references of which she is a fine connoisseur. The innocence of her drawings hides a complex personality as she is also grounded in the European artistic tradition. Her visceral, yet poetic imageries resonate with East and West references which makes them universal and thus accessible to all.

She thrives exploring very diverse materials, especially locally sourced, which gives a raw and sensual dimension to her production. Ancient woods, gold leaves, gouache and inks, crystalize her rich imagination.



Laudine Dubeaux b. 1982, Paris, France

Lives and works in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Laudine Dubeaux graduated from the Ecole supérieure d’Art et de Design of Reims in 2007. Under the guidance of talented designers like Pierre Charpin, Fabien Cagani or Mathilde Bretillot, she won the First and special price of the “French lace and embroidery federation “contest. She was invited to work with renown brands such as De Dietricht, Plaza Athenée or Le Bon Marché. In 2008, one of her projects was selected to be exhibited at the Jim Thompson House in Bangkok.

This eye-opening experience brought Dubeaux to take an internship at the “Sathirakoses-Nagapradeepa Foundation” promoting social development in Thailand. She shared her design expertise during one year, creating fair trade hand screen-printed T-shirts embroidered by local minorities. This is where she met her partner Arnut Saento with whom she opened a café/library and art gallery in Bangkok for a few years. Very involved in the local literary scene, she illustrated several books, wrote and illustrated a series of children’s books.

She moved to Chiang Mai in 2012 where she launched her own brand NAAdesign working with locally sourced material and craftsmen. After working several years for the textile designer Sabina Fay Braxton, Dubeaux opened her own concept store, Akaliko, in Chiang Mai. She is now a full-time artist and designer.


Myrtille Tibayrenc is a French national who has been living in Thailand since 2006. After working several years for the cultural department of the Bangkok Alliance française, she opened her own art gallery, the Toot Yung art center, and organized different large-scale contemporary art events. (Bukruk Urban arts festival 2013-2016 Bangkok – Ratchaprasong Art Maze 2016 Bangkok) She closed her art center during the pandemic but still acts as a punctual curator and is now a full-time painter.

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