Wing Shya The Photography Exhibition at HOP-Hub Of Photography

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Wing Shya The Photography Exhibition

A Solo Photography Exhibition By Wing Shya

Curated by HOP – Hub Of Photography

Opening reception date : 03 December 2022

Beginning at 5 PM

03 December 2022 – 29 January 2023

Open for visiting every day.

11.00 am – 7.00 pm


3rd floor, MUNx2, Seacon Square, Srinakarin.

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About the Artist

Wing Shya

(b.1964, Hong Kong) is a Hong Kong-based artist who creates works of art in a variety of fields. His work includes film, photography, and fashion. He specializes in capturing the atmospheres and connections between couples, including their coexistence as well as their in-the-moment intimacy. When people look at his picture, there is always the perception that time has been stopped since he has captured his deepest longings for love and attachment, isolation and loneliness. The world seemed to have slowed down, letting the audience impressively connect in that special moment.

Wing Shya’s work with behind-the-scenes photography by director Wong Kar-Wai is a medium that helps in our understanding of the perception of Hong Kong in a well-known movie frame. Aside from the film, there is another lovely aspect that is natural-looking, persistent, and emotional.

In addition to behind-the-scenes shots, Wing Shya has featured in numerous global commercials and magazines in Europe, Asia and the Americas. He currently resides at a studio in Hong Kong.

About HOP – Hub Of Photography

The space of inspiration expands when photography enthusiasts gather.

Turn on your camera, open up your eyes, and your mind, and be prepared for a new experience with “HOP”, or the Hub Of Photography, which is the first comprehensive photography hub
in Thailand. We provide creative space for photography lovers and will take you to discover

a whole new dimension in the art of photography from all over the world, regardless of whether you are a professional or an amateur.

In addition to being a photography exhibition space, HOP is also a living space that gathers knowledge and creativity for all photography enthusiasts and enable them to exchange views and experiences on photography for everyone who is interested to learn and develop visual storytelling skills through various activities that will be held throughout the year.

Photography is something that is near to our hearts.

Let’s get together and release your unique inner personality through your photography.

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HOP – Hub of Photography

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