Worldcom gives TQPR Global Confidence in Unpredictable Times

Transcendent Worldcom Partnership gives TQPR Global Confidence in Unpredictable Times

Like many others one of the core reasons TQPR became an active partner in The Worldcom Public Relations Group (Worldcom) was so as to extend the reach of our key clients on a global level. Since joining in 1995 being a part of Worldcom has enabled us as an agency to become more internationally recognised in addition to sharing best crisis communication practices and knowledge amongst PR practitioners.

During the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak our 85 Worldcom partners provide a common fellowship that is there to help us navigate through these troubled times. Worldcom Partners have a proven ability to create and sustain leadership for clients even when the going gets tough.

Strong strategic partnerships like Worldcom benefit everyone: businesses, employees, and clients. Businesses can broaden their relevance and increase their addressable market; clients benefit from the strengths and offerings that each Worldcom partner brings to its region or area of expertise; and employees can expand their horizons and developmental opportunities by being exposed to new perspectives. Plus, deepening ties between Worldcom partners fosters collaboration and longevity, and allows companies to offer services and solutions that help their clients and other affiliate businesses become more successful.

Worldcom has also played an essential role in helping TQPR manage its client messaging during the coronavirus pandemic,  across a wide range of business operations and important functions, including finance, operations, leadership, employee relations and, most importantly, our agency’s own clients and their needs.

Our Worldcom partners are playing a variety of roles during the pandemic, from providing direct relief to heavily affected communities to crafting large-scale policy responses. As we support stronger, data-informed responses, resilience, and recovery, we are listening to our partners, learning from their client needs, and respecting flexibility in timelines and requests.

The impact of TQPR’s  global Worldcom  partnership runs deep and will remain a keystone of how we do business. Most importantly, it has given us a worldwide competitive advantage for our agency and clients. But in these unpredictable times, the strength of this bond and the friendships it has built empowers all of us, giving TQPR and its Worldcom partners the confidence to persevere. #WorldcomStrong

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