All-Oon Launches to Help Families in Need

20 January 2021 Bangkok, Thailand All-Oon, a new social enterprise (e-commerce) platform, has launched in Bangkok and does more than connecting sellers to consumers. With a unique model, All-Oon helps underprivileged families as a core part of its customer journey by receiving second hand children’s clothes, while providing a 15%-70% discount to donors who purchase new pieces from its partnering brands. Key to its cause, the donated goods are passed on to rural families who have applied to the platform and are in need, thereby supporting children and parents across Thailand.

For parents whose children are growing up quickly, and are in need for larger sizes, this is a simple solution to both get brand new clothing for their children at attractive prices, while utilising their no longer needed items for a good cause. Donors who send in second hand children’s clothes directly (by post / courier service) can enjoy a sizable discount when purchasing new items on the platform (for example, for 5 pieces of donated goods, receiving a whopping 50% discount on brand new children’s clothing.) With families in need receiving the donations, All-Oon hopes to create a win-win situation to solving a very common, yet fundamental, issue faced by families from all areas of society.

In fact, the goal of All-Oon is to help families and children (especially newborns and toddlers) from an early age, because these children are to grow up to be a key pillar of society. Not only will families in need find essential savings from received donations, donor parents will also be able to save and have a meaningful avenue to help poorer families. In Thailand, families typically need to discard childrens clothing to purchase new, larger, items every 3-6 months. With All-Oon, the support can extend to help families over multiple such cycles until children grow up to 10+ years old.

To get in touch, access to donate, shop for new while discounted goods, and even see updates donations delivered. Underprivileged families who wish to apply for a donation can fill in an online form to submit a request, where the All-Oon team then reaches out to verify and prioritise as per urgency of need.

All-Oon has been operating since September 2020 and has over a short few months received more than 500 pieces of donations. During the new year, the team has started shipping donated goods to families in need across the country.




About AllOon

All-Oon, meaning ‘together sharing warmth’ in Thai, is a social enterprise aimed at helping underprivileged families in Thailand. The company receives donations in exchange for a 15%-70% discount of new children’s clothes from its partner brands. Interested parties can contact or follow the initiative through / Line (@alloonkids).


  Contact information Email: l Tel: 0844200088 l Line: @alloonkids

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