CSO Italy shows Thailand’s love affair with Italian cuisine and passion for the tomato

CSO Italy shows Thailand’s love affair with Italian cuisine and passion for the tomato

New ‘Postcards from Europe: Tomatovideo makes it possible to create Italian culinary classics in the comfort of your own Thai kitchen

BANGKOK, 7 February 2023 – A new Postcards from Europe: Tomato video now makes it easier than ever to recreate the passion of Italian cuisine and European culinary classics in a Thai kitchen, using authentic and healthy ingredients, from ‘THE EUROPEAN ART OF TASTE: ITALIAN FRUIT & VEG MASTERPIECES’ project funded by the European Union and CSO Italy.

The shared culinary history between Thailand and Italy is a deep one. In 1430, Niccolò de’ Conti, a Venetian trader was recorded as the first European to visit Siam. And through the years, many prominent Italians have made their way to Thailand, bringing with them culture, art and especially food. According to the Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce, there are currently over 1,000 Italian restaurants in Thailand, 200 of them in Bangkok alone[1].

Postcards from Europe: Tomato video is an integrated part of a digital campaign by ‘THE EUROPEAN ART OF TASTE: ITALIAN FRUIT & VEG MASTERPIECES’ project, which aims to promote fresh and processed European fruit and vegetables in Thailand (and in China, Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong), with a particular focus on fruit and vegetables produced in Italy, the land of beauty and sunshine. A three-year campaign is funded by the EU and conducted in collaboration with prominent Italian companies including Apofruit, Cico-Mazzoni, Conserve Italia, Lagnasco, Oranfrizer, Origine and RK Growers.

The passionate new video helps Thais rediscover the rich juicy flavours of European tomatoes, plus its traditions and delicious recipes. The VDO takes viewers along the side streets of Positano Italy along the azure Amalfi coast to taste the classic dish that best enhances the goodness of tomatoes. The influence of tomatoes on Italian cuisine is in fact indisputable: they bring versatility, intense and deep colors and enrich many dishes with flavor, including those that today enjoy by Thais: spaghetti with tomato sauce, a symbol of Italian cuisine loved all over the world.

The tomato is high in fiber, mineral salts and low in fat and carbohydrates. Classic spaghetti with tomato sauce is a vibrant, fast and healthy meal loved by the whole family. The project is also keen to promote and highlight the importance of food safety issue as well. CSO Italy launched this campaign at Thaifex last year and then followed it up with a presence at Fruit Logistica in Bangkok.

To find out more The European Art of Taste & Veg Masterpiece project go here For culinary inspiration about how to make an easy and real home-made style spaghetti and tomato sauce go here.

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